Air knife, air knives, air curtain

Air knife, air knives, air curtain

Product description:

JESON Super Air Knife series:

Strong blowing capability; low noise; low air consumption -

JESON air knife series includes powerful wedge air knife (air knife), the standard air knife; Super Air Knife; stainless steel air knife; air knife and strip ring

.JESON Shaped air knife air knife series is the world's most reliable quality, cost-effective products, and its products widely used in home and abroad.
Air knife (air knife), also known as air knife, strip airflow amplifiers, standard air knife, super air knife, super air knives.
Traditional blowing applications have many drawbacks, such as: uneven airflow blown; compressed air consumption is very large; although with strong

Impact; but the noise level is too high; seriously affect the health of the site operator; and to energy-powered inflatable products and often require frequent maintenance

Protection, and short life issues.
Role JESON air knife is to form a high strength impact airflow, used in addition to water, blowing dust, clean, dry, cool-down and other occasions.

With high efficiency, low noise, low air consumption and so on.

Super Air Knife Works:
Compressed air through the air inlet (1) into the air knife hyperbaric chamber; airflow through narrow; thin nozzle (2) in the longitudinal direction of the air knife to form a

Airflow balance sheet since the chamber (3) of the high-pressure air compression ratio of 40: 1; so minimal loss of airflow velocity; and the greatest pressure; in

It is to produce a strong impact and minimal shear flow sheet.

JESON Super Air Knife (air knife) Application:
1 part dried after washing step process
After 2 beverage filling processes by high pressure air dried, and then labeled
3 with just the sheet rolling mill cleanup
4 conveyor cleanup
5 parts cooling
In addition to water fruit before packing;; 6 dried vegetables
7 fabric drying or cleaning
8 operating environment clean-up
9 pre-plating or painting before
10 Paper and printing industry coater
When opening the packaging bag packaging machinery work 11
Smoke at 12 engine test time
JESON Super Air Knife (air knife) Features:
1 Low noise; in most cases only 69 db; noise than conventional drill pipe 11 times lower air curtain
2 saving compressed air consumption compared with conventional drill pipe air curtains save 63%
3 flow equalizer, air compression ratio up to 40: 1
4 No moving parts, made of aluminum or stainless steel
5 small size; easy to install; maintenance
6 provides a variety of specifications of air curtain width (100-1220mm), adjustable air flow intensity (with regulators)
7 air knife can replace the traditional fans and blowing tube

JESON Super Air Knife (air knife) Length: 1015253045607090100120CM, and can be any fight between the air knife

Installation and can be customized lengths.