Chacha black wooden box laser engraving machine

Chacha black wooden box laser engraving machine

Product description:

Chacha black wooden box laser engraving machine
For industry

1, mainly used in large plastic characters cutting, color plate engraving, plexiglass engraving cutting, sign engraving, crystal, trophy engraving, sculpture and other licensing authority.
2, the arts and crafts industry: carved patterns and text on wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, shells and other materials.
3, leather garment processing industry: progressive leather, leather, leather, fabric, fur complex text graphics engraving, cutting, carved hollow other processing clothing, underwear, furniture, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and. car cut flower industry, carving, beyond fashion, show personality.
4, the model industry: production of construction sand table model ships and aircraft, ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.
5, the packaging industry: Engraving printed rubber plate, plastic plate, double plate, cutter knife board.
6, the product identification industry: equipment nameplate, marking and other security products.
7, other industries: marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials carving marks, paper cutting, greeting cards and other paper craft cutting.

Chacha black wooden box laser engraving machine
main feature
• professional design, tailored for different industries, reasonable structure, elegant appearance and practical.
• Precision Die Casting profiles composed of high-strength, high stability of the mechanical structure, CNC smooth motion, high speed, high precision, long-term operation without adjustment, carving accuracy of the same before and after the body through the design, you can easily back and forth through the material, for unlimited long workpieces.
• Stable sound design, equipped with advanced industrial cooling system with water alarm automatic protection function, improve the stability, security, continuous work. Perfect dust, pollution prevention design, greatly improving the overall stability.
• Use light path design, unique structure, the optical path deviation is small, high stability, easy to adjust the optical accessories using the finest imported K9 znse mirror and focusing mirror reflectance / transmittance highest spot is more detailed in its class accessories , more cutting edge .DSP control: PC-based control unit PC, PCI bus, using the world's leading DSP-TMS320, XC2S300 and other control chip, high-speed, stable, strong anti optional USB control and more advanced FlashDisk (u disk) offline control system.

Chacha black wooden box laser engraving machine
Technical Parameters

Laser Type

Intracavity glass sealed-off CO2 laser (in line with GB11748-89 standard)
(Optional RF-excited metal tube) Wavelength 10.6um 40W / 60W

Laser Power

60W / 80W / 100W / 150W

Laser tube cooling

Pure circulating water cooling

Energy regulation

0-100% stepless control, software internally adjustable 0-100%

Control and drive

High-speed DSP control, high subdivision stepper motor drive (optional servo drive)

Engraving speed

0-1200mm / s

Cutting speed

0-600mm / s

Operating Voltage

≤ ± 0.01mm

Minimum shaping character

English alphabet characters 1.5mm 1mm

Total power


Processing format

1200 * 900mm

Lifting table

Precision ball screw electric lift 300mm

working environment

Temperature: 0-45 ℃ Humidity 5% -95% (no condensation)

Software Support format

PLT; DST; DXF; DWG; AI; LAS supports AutoCAD; CorelDRAW direct output

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