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Non-magnetic weight | E2 grade non-magnetic stainless steel standard weight | magnetic susceptibility ≤ 0.01 |

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SL / water Ling
  • Model: Non-magnetic E2
  • Item No .: 0050
  • Color Classification: Single mg Chip Non-magnetic E2 1g Non-magnetic E2 2g Non-magnetic E2 5g Non-magnetic E2 10g Non-magnetic E2 20g Non-magnetic E2 50g Non-magnetic E2 100g Non-magnetic E2 200g Non-magnetic E2 Class 500g non-magnetic E2 level 1kg non-magnetic E2 level 2kg non-magnetic E2 level 5kg non-magnetic E2 level 10kg non-magnetic E2 level 20kg non-magnetic E2 grade code 500mg-1mg non-magnetic E2 code 100g-1mg Code 200g-1mg non-magnetic E2 sets of code 500g-1mg non-magnetic E2 sets of code 2kg-1kg non-magnetic E2 code 5kg-1kg E2 sets of non-magnetic code 20kg-10kg
  • Decoration and construction content: procurement of the main material