Mosquito net three-door zipper square top yurt 1.8m bed home 1.2 m bedroom stainless steel palace 1.5 double

Mosquito net three-door zipper square top yurt 1.8m bed home 1.2 m bedroom stainless steel palace 1.5 double

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xingyue home
  • Stent material: stainless steel
  • Style: zipper square account
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Bed size: 1.2 * 2M bed 1.5m (5 feet) bed 1.8m (6 feet) bed 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
  • Suitable for: General
  • Item No .: wz0007
  • Color Classification: 628 flower pink beige back to the end of the end of 628 Ruhuosipi purple back to the end of 628 pink flowers back to the end of 228 attached to the end of the meter back to the end of 228 attachment pink back to the end of 708 Jane love beige 'bottom' paragraph 228 purple purple back attachment 628 beige With the end of the section of the 628 pink color 612 purple 628 purple flower like a 'bottom' section of this shot 708 Simple love beige back to the end of 718 Fen Qingwu flying back to the end of 718 m Qingwu flying back to the end of 718 Purple Light Dance flying back to the end of 708 powder 'bottom' 718 beige light dance flying 'bottom' section of this 708 Jane Pink 708 Jane Love Green 708 Jane purple purple back to the end of 708 purple 'bottom'

Product parameters
product name
Product Size (m)
product weight
Product packaging
Xing Yueju
mosquito net

1.2*1.95*1.7m± 5 cm (4 feet) for a 1.2 meter wide bed
1.5*1.95*1.7m± 5 cm (5 feet) for a 1.5 meter wide bed
1.8*1.95*1.7m± 5 cm (6 feet) for a 1.8 meter wide bed
2.0*2.15*1.7m± 5 cm (6.6 ft) for 2 m wide bed

3.3 kg ±0.5
3.7 kg±0.5
4.0 kg±0.5

As shown in Fig

Number of openings

Three open the door
Stent material

stainless steel

The bedside table with zippers
Main material type
100% polyester fiber
Product quality
Qualified products
Product performance standards
FZ / T62014-2009
Product Safety Category
Class C
OUR photos are in-kind shooting, as far as possible consistent with the physical, picture shooting light, different display display bias and personal color understanding of the different color problems caused by inevitable, such problems are not quality problems.

This series of all measurement data, are manual measurement, there is plus or minus 1 ~ 5CM error, all in order to prevail in kind.
When measuring the size of the rod plus three measurements together oh ~
Product washing methods

Do not dry; do not touch the sharp or force tearing, dark to separate washing; soaking time of not more than 30 minutes; to avoid exposure, select the dry place;

1.2Meter width X2.0Meter long The mattress was shot at 1.2 (4 ft) options

1.5Meter width X2.0Meter long mattress Take a 1.5 (5 feet) option

1.8Meter Wide X2.0Meter long mattress Take a 1.8 (6 ft) option

2.0Meter Width X2.2Meter long mattress Take a 2.0 (6.6 ft) option

Zipper bed nets according to the parents of the mattress size selection, mattress size how much to shoot on it

Note: There is the end of the paragraph to do is now beige 1.5 and 1.8 bed, back to the end of the full range of models! 708 no storage bag oh ~

baby description:

'Style description': With beautiful lace lace, so that the room feel warm, lace and silk cloth combination of practices, even more fantastic, highlight the rich and luxurious palace side top, and you only spend a few minutes at any time and anywhere to complete the mosquito net Assembly, very easy to use.

Material Description】:

1, the diameter of the product support column is divided into: 19mm thick spiral thickening of stainless steel, more solid, the top length and width of 16mm diameter with a bayonet of stainless steel tube. Bottom of the length and width of high-quality glass fiber tube

2, the three links of new PVC materials, bright colors, toughness, strong and tough.

3, account cloth with new color encryption cloth, is the general account of the cloth 2 times the density; selection of domestic famous enterprises refined raw materials from processing to ensure that the fabric is flexible, strong tensile strength; account cloth soft texture, easy to wrinkle, Drape, and has a superior permeability.

'Product Specifications':

Reminder: When selecting the bed size, be sure to select the bed size according to the size of the mattress (see also the parameter table).

Size: 1.5X1.95 meters bed - Please select a bed with 1.5m (5 feet) bed

Size: 1.8X1.95 m bed - Please select 1.8m (6ft) bed with mosquito net

Dimensions: 2.0X2.15 m bed - Please select a bed with 2.0m (6.6 ft) bed nets

'Colour': Beige, pink jade, pink, purple.

'weight':About 3 ~ 5KG or so (including the outer box weight).

'package': Exquisite hand-held non-woven bags, plus a pretty strong professional waterproof bags, baby can guarantee that during transport is not easy to squeeze bad or deformation.

* Heightened floor-mounted 1.7 m bracket, higher space inside the account, sitting in which no sense of oppression!
* Three-door zipper, easy access, more convenient to watch TV!

* Easy to use, anywhere you can support at home, so that you and your baby from mosquito bitter!

* Not only can avoid mosquitoes wind, but also adsorption of falling dust, you can filter the air!
* Make your renovation of the wall was nails from the destruction of the original to maintain the overall appearance of the original!
* Ultra-small package, you can not when the mosquito nets into the packet, plug in the bed, into the closet, just take up a little bit of your space!

'Washing instructions': Only hand wash, the water temperature can not exceed 30 degrees, the need to use neutral detergent, not soak, rinse with water, squeezed water, spread out to dry, save can be added camphor!

Basic List of Mosquito Net: Luxury account yarn: 1 piece

Stainless steel and glass fiber support: 1 set (length: 2 groups, width: 2 groups, high: 4 groups)

Three: the top four below four

Free of charge: the hook: 6

Gold Cup: 4

Tips: all the baby are taken in kind, but because of lighting, cameras, display different display bias and the color of the individual understanding of the different problems caused by the inevitable, these problems are not part of the quality of goods. Whichever is MM!