Square nets three-door zipper top yurt 1.8m bed bedroom home 1.2 m stainless steel double palace 1.5

Square nets three-door zipper top yurt 1.8m bed bedroom home 1.2 m stainless steel double palace 1.5

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xingyue home
  • Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Zipper Party Post
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Applicable bed size: 1.2m (4 feet) bed 1.5m (5 feet) bed 1.8m (6 feet) bed 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
  • Suitable for: General
  • Product Number: wz0007
  • Color classification: 628 bright flowery beige bottom 628 bright flowery purple back back back to the end of 628 bright flowery pink bottom 228 meters back to the bottom 228 of attachment back attachment pink beige bottom 708 Jane Eyre 'bottomed' section 228 attached to the bottom 628 beige purple back bright flowery 'bottomed' money to shoot this 228 beige attachment 'bottomed' money to shoot this 628 bright pink flowery 'bottomed' money to shoot this 612 beige 612 pink 612 purple 628 purple bright flowery 'bottomed' shoot this paragraph 708 Jane Eyre back to the end of a beige powder 718 Whirling Dancer 718 meters back to the end of Qing Wu flying back to eat only a little back to the end of 718 purple powder bottom 708 'bottomed' 718 beige Whirling Dancer 'bottomed' money to shoot this 708 Jane pink 708 Jane Eyre Jane Eyre Shuilv 708 708 purple purple back to the bottom 'bottomed'

Product parameters
product name
Product Dimensions (m)
product weight
Product packaging
Xingyue home
mosquito net

1.2*1.95*1.7m± 5cm (4 feet) to 1.2 meters wide bed suitable
1.5*1.95*1.7m± 5cm (5 ft) applies to 1.5 meters wide bed
1.8*1.95*1.7m± 5cm (6 ft) applies to 1.8 meters wide bed
2.0*2.15*1.7m± 5cm (6.6 feet) for 2-meter-wide bed

3.3kg ±0.5


Number of open

Bracket Material

stainless steel

Style bed side zipper account
Main types of materials
100% polyester fiber
Product quality
Product performance standards
FZ / T62014-2009
Product Safety category
GB18401-2010 C class
Our photos are taken in kind, as far as possible consistent with the physical light when the picture was taken, the display color deviation and personal understanding of different display color problem caused by different, inevitably, such issues do not belong to the quality problems.

This series of all measurement data are manual measurement, there is a plus or minus 1 ~ 5CM error, to prevail in kind. Mind carefully shot!
When measurements are measured along the pole plus tee oh ~
Product Care Information

Washing maximum temperature of 30 degrees; non-chlorine bleach; Do not dry; Do not iron; Do not touch sharp objects or forceful tearing dark to be washed separately; soaking time is not more than 30 minutes; avoid exposure, select dry place;

1.2Meter width X2.0Meter long Mattress Sign 1.2 (4 feet) of options

1.5Meter width X2.0Meter long mattress Sign 1.5 (5 feet) Options

1.8Meter Wide X2.0Meter long mattress Sign 1.8 (6 feet) of options

2.0Meter Wide X2.2Meter long mattress Sign 2.0 (6.6 feet) of options

Zippered enthroned nets according to parents who choose size mattress, mattress size how much to shoot much on it

NOTE: The bottom section is currently doing is beige 1.5 and 1.8, and the full range of the bottom section of the back section 708 has no storage bag oh!

baby description:

[Style] Description: Using beautiful lace, so that room feel warm, lace and satin cloth combined approach, more fantastic, highlight the fabulous luxury palace square top, but you only need a few minutes to complete nets at any place at any time assembly is very simple to use.

Material Description】:

1, the product is divided into support column section diameter: 19mm bold thick stainless steel spiral tube, more solid, top length and width of 16mm diameter stainless steel tube with a bayonet and a wide bottom minister with high-quality glass fiber tubes.

2, tee using the new PVC material, bright, toughness, solid tough.

3, using the new account cloth colored cloth encryption account is a general account of cloth 2x density; selection of domestic famous enterprises of raw materials and refined processing, to ensure that the fabric elasticity, tensile strength and strong; posted cloth soft, easy to fold, there drape, and has superior breathability.

Product specifications:

Reminder: When choosing enthroned nets size, be sure to choose according to the size of the mattress or the bed bore size (see parameter table can be explained).

Size: 1.5X1.95 m bed - Select 1.5m (5 feet) bed nets

Size: 1.8X1.95 m bed - Select 1.8m (6 feet) bed nets

Size: 2.0X2.15 m bed - Select 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed nets

【Colour】: Beige, pink jade, pink, purple.

【weight】:It is about 3 ~ 5KG (outer cartons containing by weight).

【package】: Exquisite hand woven bags, plus a pretty solid professional waterproof, can ensure the baby is not easily squeezed broken or deformed during transport.

* The use of floor-standing 1.7 meters heightening stand, tent space higher and larger, sitting where no sense of oppression!
* Three-door zipper on three sides, out of convenience, it is more convenient to watch TV!

* Easy to use, you can be anywhere in the home support, so that you and your baby suffer from the mosquitoes!

* Not only can avoid mosquito wind, but also adsorption of falling space dust can filter the air!
* Allows you renovated wall exemption undermine nail, maintaining the overall appearance of the original room!
* Ultra-small package, you can not time the nets into the packet, plug in the bed, into the closet, just take a little bit of your space!

【Washing instructions】: Handwash only, the maximum water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, use a neutral detergent, Do not soak, rinse with water, squeezed water, dry flat, save dissecting hair camphor!

Nets basic list: Luxury account yarn: 1

Stainless steel and glass fiber bracket: 1 set (length: 2 groups, width: 2 groups, height: 4 groups)

Tee: The above four below 4

Free: Post Hook: 6

Gold: 4

Tips: All goods are taken in kind, but the problem of chromatic aberration due to lighting, camera, display different display bias and personal understanding of color different caused by unavoidable, this kind of problem does not belong to the quality of all products are goods in kind. prevail. Please picky MM carefully shot!