Huawei P1 / U9200 single bottom bracket | matte leather injector | UV light oil | quicksand Case

Huawei P1 / U9200 single bottom bracket | matte leather injector | UV light oil | quicksand Case

Product description:

Dimensions: real machine open mold Color: Various Applicable models: Huawei P1 / U9200
Material: PC; TPU; PC + UV; PC + cartoon stickers; PC + leather Available: Huawei Style: Japanese and Korean style
Process: Molding Brand: Huawei P1 / U9200

1. Model: Huawei P1 / U9200 phone protective shell.

2. Material Color: PC transparent, PC color, ABS colored.

3. Process: UV Varnish colored shells, leather color shell, shell color cartoon.

4. The use of materials: new materials, can be all kinds of deep processing and finishing processes.


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