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IPHONE cell phone protective cover embossed metal, metal phone case, mobile phone sets

IPHONE cell phone protective cover embossed metal, metal phone case, mobile phone sets
  • IPHONE cell phone protective cover embossed metal, metal phone case, mobile phone sets
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Other info: Per piece
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Color: Various Dimensions: 160 * 60 Applicable models: iphone4
Technology: Surface Treatment Brand: iphone4 Material: Metal
Applicable brands: Apple

IPHONE cell phone protective cover embossed metal; Classic Design phones protective shell; metal shell phone protection; mobile phone sets
  • iphone4G / 4S protective sleeve classic style metal sublimation most classic metal protective cover is a revolution in the field IPhone protective cover. luxury and simple, stylish business people who seek to pursue clear, in this fashion style show thoroughly. It will break the traditional leather style, and the extension of this classic style and sublimation, to make her more stylish, simple and chic. Another mysterious character of the slightest ably accompanied by the owner of deep show exhaustive.
  • iPhone, shape and workmanship are beyond the reach of many cell phone, how can I ask a protective cover damage to its simple, exquisite style. This metallic silver protective cover, the silver upscale atmosphere that cleverly incorporated into this protective sleeve , the back shell with the United States SUS304 stainless steel, with three-dimensional effect CNC carving achievements of its relief, vacuum plating color it bright as platinum. human perspiration is always the bane of metal products, the body's sweat will corrode the metal surface, it becomes dull not shiny. And This protective sleeve after the effect of anti-fingerprint treatment of similar products do not have, whether you touch ruffle, ruffle never catch traces, truly Taxuewuhen effect, allowing you to The protective cover lasting bright as new, we batted in every detail, design and testing, and finally coupled with her favorite for this beautiful phone.
  • Have it, will make you unique, it is the most perfect wedding dress iPhone4 appearance using metallic silver with the program user-friendly design, exquisite workmanship, the internal use Germany Bayer PC material, including this material regardless of hardness, toughness, The wear is no pick 掦 can make your love machine from any of 'harm' and keep the noble and beautiful. Also the entire protective sleeve design is simple and elegant, attach the protective sleeve iphone4 definitely make you look all reflect the stylish and elegant business atmosphere, is reflected in the casual owner extraordinary taste.