Apple iphone4S piano keys silicone protective sleeve

Apple iphone4S piano keys silicone protective sleeve

Product description:

Color: Various Dimensions: real machine size Applicable Model : iphone4S
Process: Molding Brand : chinasun Material: PC material
Applicable brands : Apple

1. Model : iphone4s phone protective shell, color covers, stickers drill, metal shell, TPU protective sleeve.

2. Material Color : PC transparent, PC color, ABS colored .

3. Process : UV Varnish colored shells, leather color shell, shell color cartoon .

4. The use of materials : new materials, can be all kinds of deep processing and finishing processes .

The following products are injection display; factory heavily in the introduction of new clean fuel injection workshop; various types of leather, rubber oil ( matte leather oil ), UV varnish ( cola), LOGO printing and other new technology, first-class quality as follows.! Figure :