Cool 7260 | Phone Case - Frosted plush feel

Cool 7260 | Phone Case - Frosted plush feel

Product description:

Color: Various Dimensions: 150 * 50 Compatible Models: Cool 7260
Process : Coating Brand : Cool Material : super quality polycarbonate
Available: Cool

product name

Cool 7260 mobile phone shell protective sleeve quicksand series

Product material

Super high-quality polycarbonate

Applicable models

Cool 7260

can choose Colour

Dark gray light gray ash purple

feature of product

- Quality polycarbonate material produced by Seiko; high flexibility; easily broken; not easily deformed
- Special surface paint; like quicksand precipitation therein; matte velvet feel; wear; hardy; not aging
- Hole highly complex; do not scratch the machine; do not affect the use of the built-in flash pictures
- A stable color; delicate touch; no fingerprints; no perspiration