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HTC One S phone sets ONE S Case | Z520E Phone Case

HTC One S phone sets ONE S Case | Z520E Phone Case
  • HTC One S phone sets ONE S Case | Z520E Phone Case
Product code: 19459100001
Unit price: 4.5-5 CNY
Reference price: 0.66-0.73 USD
Minimum order: 100
Other info: Per piece 100KG Black White Red Pink Blue Green Orange Yellow Brown Purple Grey Gold Silver Transparent
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Color: Various Dimensions: 150 * 50 Compatible Models: HTC one S
Process: Coating Brand: HTC Material: PC + touch oil
For brand: HTC

Product Features
High quality PC + handle oil made from carefully processed material; nontoxic; environmental protection; soft; noble and generous; colorful; feel good; providing all-day protection for the phone!

Products based on body size and tailored physical.

Can be an excellent protection body shell, prevent scratch, waterproof, dustproof, anti-collision, abrasion, product color colorful and diverse, fashionable and stylish. Sticky and gray with superior wear resistance and stronger adhesion, effective protection of the chassis to prevent scratching damage in the collision of a better cushion, easily damage the appearance of mobile phone and face, can be repeatedly cleaned, forever look bright as new.

This product is made of high quality material, wear clean, easy to dirty, feel good, easy to adapt to the skin, stylish, solid product that can protect your phone perfectly. Affordable, the majority of companies and factories preferred supplier, there are different products and colors can be chosen.

We in the 'customer first, the credibility of the first' business philosophy, in an efficient production and excellent quality customer service, we sincerely welcome your inquiries, we would like to be your sincere partner.

- Precision molding production process
- Reliable and easy to install and dismantle love machine not be scratched, shell itself is almost no volume and thickness
- Very easy insertion and removal, and can easily in your pocket or briefcase
- Ultra-thin and durable hard plastic and soft rubber coating to supplement; feel great; easy to slip
- Provides all interfaces reserve (charging mouth; synchronous port; headphone jack; side buttons; etc.)

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