Used stainless steel tube condenser / Used Chemical Equipment

Used stainless steel tube condenser / Used Chemical Equipment

Product description:

CaidonGP300 temperature grease: synthetic oil from the composite superfine powder densification temperature; and added with antioxidant; extreme pressure and solid lubricant additives and other refined

Performance characteristics

• with excellent wear resistance; adhesive strength; lubricating noise to good effect

• Excellent high temperature resistance; has a long lifetime and stability at high temperatures; do not drip at high temperatures; and coke

• Excellent flame resistant; anti-oxidative stability; low volatilization

• Good water resistance; in contact with water condition; no loss; not emulsify

• Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 300 ℃

Recommended Applications

• Suitable for a variety of high temperature; speed; heavy-duty sliding and rolling bearing condition; chain; gear lubrication

• suitable for high temperature; slow; lubrication of rolling bearings under heavy working conditions; such as ceramics; porcelain; brick kiln tunnel kiln axles, and some baking equipment and bearing lubrication chain

• suitable for high temperature oven; drying machinery and other chains; lubricating bearings or gears

• suitable for stretching tenter and heat-setting machine chain, bearing lubrication

• For large motors and high-temperature drying room noise transmission bearing lubrication