Used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used thin-film evaporator Price

Used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used thin-film evaporator Price

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Used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used film evaporator prices, used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used film evaporator prices.

Thin-film evaporator Is a type of evaporator, is characterized by heating the material along the wall was a film of liquid flow and heat transfer and evaporation, the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, evaporation speed, residence time is short, it is particularly suitable for the evaporation of heat-sensitive substances .

Filming reasons and in accordance with the direction of flow can be divided into rising film evaporator, falling film evaporators. Wiped film evaporator three types.

Thin-film evaporator

Film evaporator unit from the evaporator, vapor-liquid separator, preheater three parts and a simple separator composed of rising film evaporator tube heat exchanger. The evaporator has a large capacity, high efficiency, short heating time and other characteristics, suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries concentrated dilute solution, the equipment and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, durability, hygiene requirements in line with the drug.

Technical Parameters

Model parameters BM2.2 BM5.5 BM8 BM12 BM16
Evaporation area2.25.581216
Evaporation Working pressure Mpa0.
Steam consumption1553856059351265
Weight Kg30052075010201250
Dimensions mm2000*650*35002300*800*35002700*950*45002900*950*50002900*950*5200

Film evaporator safety rules

A. Installation

1. The products manufactured before the whole test has been conducted, the user can put the whole lifting device to device basis.

2. The equipment should be overall leveling, leveling position may reference plane on the gear rack. And the device is fixed on the floor surface or steel.

3. For larger equipment specifications in order to increase the stability of the device, in the upper part of the appropriate parts of the bottom flange, increasing the level of direction auxiliary support, auxiliary equipment fulcrum limited only radial displacement, does not limit its axial displacement.

The preparation according to process requirements of good pipeline, emptying the foreign body, clean replacement equipment, power.

II. Drove preparation

1. The product is factory conducted hydrostatic testing and commissioning, indicators in line drawings.

2. Start the motor and check the direction of rotation of stirring meets design requirements, top clockwise, it can not be reversed.

3. In the mechanical seal radial measurement axis and axial string momentum swing, meets the design requirements and checks whether the mechanical seal the upper end and tighten the cap, and the cap should be tightened in the state.

4. Check the oil level reducer, the oil level should be within the normal level.

III. Normal drive

1. First open circulating cooling water pump, so that the water jet condenser is running. Open the concentrate container, vacuum valve.

2. Open the feed valve, relying on the degree of vacuum from the high slot to feed liquid pumped into the device.

3. Turn on the power and start rotating film evaporator motor, observe the motor rotation direction is correct.

4. Slowly open the steam valve and let steam into the jacket, the jacket from the bypass valve to exclude non-condensable gases, and then turn on the trap. Adjust steam pressure at around 0.15Mpa.

5. From the bottom of the sight glass to observe the material circumstances, is prohibited inside the machine running is filled with liquid.

6. The system is stable after 5 minutes, the sample analysis concentrated solution concentration, adjusting the feed so that the size of the valve opening amount of concentrate required to reach a predetermined concentration.

7. When the liquid concentrate container full, follow the steps to switch to another container.

8. If the user conditions permit, raise the height of the evaporator, the two can not concentrate container, or directly to the concentrate was extracted with automatic speed control pumps.

IV. Normal parking

1. First turn off the steam valve.

2. Close the inlet valve.

3. When the evaporator feed solution after the release of the net, close the valve.

4. added to the evaporator water about 60 degrees wash, rinse the equipment.

5. The power machine.

6. Stop circulating pump, stop the jet pump, open the vacuum breaking valve, the system is at atmospheric pressure state.

V. Emergency Stop

1. The following circumstances should an emergency stop

1) a sudden power failure or sudden tripping.

2) Steam valve failure, the pressure exceeds a predetermined pressure.

3) Feed suddenly broken material.

4) mechanical abnormalities crash.

2. emergency stop order

1) Immediately turn off the steam valve and the inlet valve.

2) Turn off all power to the system and turn off the motor.

3) The remaining parking by normal procedure.

VI. Safety and Precautions

1) Do not start the motor in the absence of stirring feed liquid / liquid fill material situation.

2) Do not reverse direction.

3) Do not touch the rotating parts during operation.

4) pay attention to electrical safety, do not wet hands pushed the button.

5) When the internal device temperature exceeds 150 degrees or more, please give special instructions when ordering.

VII. Maintenance

1) gear lubricants 40 # oil, which indicates the amount of fuel should be in the height of oil caused by excessive agitation, fever, body oil too little eccentric shaft pump damage and heat cause the oil film temperature. When started Replacing the secondary lubricant within a month, after the first oil change within 3-4 months.

2) Open the low head, unscrew the bolt rotor U-groove bottom, every four months to check the blade replacement blade.

3) every two months to open end bearings, check the bottom bearing wear, if necessary, replace the bottom bearing.

4) The nature of the material should be regularly soaked with warm water or solvent, washing the inner cylinder.

5) per month plus sealing liquid to the mechanical seal chamber once the seal liquid 20 # machine oil.

Used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used film evaporator prices, used film evaporator supply% used 4 square thin-film evaporator & the Liangshan used film evaporator prices.