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Projector | Hanger | Universal projector hanger | Projector Mounts | Projector hanger

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RedGoldLeaf
  • Model: projector hanger

White (home use preferred)

Universal projector quality universal hanger (Ivory)

The series has multi-directional adjustment function, retractable hanging tube (0.43m-0.65m standard), made of high quality aluminum material, lifting the weight of not less than 50 kg.
Surface after phosphating, spray paint handling, inner tube alignment design, not only beautiful and practical, and quick and easy installation. Reliable quality, quality assurance !!!

Universal Projector small hanger let your projector ceiling is even more beautiful, it is a perfect match for your best lifting program, installed a total length 65CM

Warm Tips:Special attention: many of my friends are first installed projectors, digital projectors have a small part of the screw pitch is very short in this hanger is handled well, paws in turn mounted on the line.


1, compact shape, the main lever for the square tube;

2, the main rod length 30cm, can stretch to 57cm (total length plus accessories under 43-65CM);

If you need to shorten the main lever can not be shortened to less than 15cm

Ceiling without lifting the main bar, the measured length 11CM

4, Super compatible, you can deploy a variety of angles and lengths;

5, color: paint / white.

6, product weight 1.9KG.

Rugged and reliable
Super compatible, it can be deployed angle and length, suitable for various projectors use
Universal design, adjust freely, with the length of the foot
Size: 430-650mm adjustable
Weight: 1.9 Kg
Weight: 15 Kg

(How to confirm their ability to use this projector hanger?)

(As shown below: direct measurement of the distance AB, AC, BC, as long as the distance between them is less than the maximum 32CM, can be used, if the maximum value exceeds 32CM)