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Tunnel | Coal mine | Hotel | Digital program-controlled telephone switches

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Note : Sent to foreign countries or domestic machines were turned into iron panels on the front panel to prevent the transport of glass is fragile !


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SW-2000 digital PABX


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SW-2000 Digital Program-Con

trolled Consumer Exchanger
SW-2000 digital PABX

In the fierce market competition in the field, whether you want to expand, opening a new company, improve customer service, or saving, you need to be flexible and comprehensive communication tools. SW-2000 digital PABX set advanced digital telephone technology, to provide you with comprehensive communications services to meet your communication needs now or in the future.

1. the whole modular design:
User 16 ports expandable to 1024 ports, any capacity for your company to facilitate the future development and capacity expansion. (Optional)

2. rich variety of interfaces
E1 digital relay 1#, R27#, PRI, ISDN signaling; E/M carrier, magnets, loop relay interface, loops and loop connection or E/M relay and digital relay between the tandem can be any network. (Optional)

3. security measures and lightning protection:
Either user port when you accidentally run into a 220V voltage, the machine will prompt automatic protection, will automatically return to normal work after troubleshooting. The national quality supervision and inspection Center for testing the switch: 1000V high pressure directly into the user port rather than an open flame.

4. the charged operation:
When the switches need to be expanded or maintained without switch off the machine power supply and switch in case of normal operation, hot-swappable boards or components, to facilitate routine maintenance.

5. automatic secondary power supply system:
This machine is equipped with two power supply 48V battery interface and, in case of mains normal machine to recharge batteries automatically, when the mains power off automatically by the battery-powered, automatic switching.

6. host of hot standby control system:
When a host fails during operation, the heat backup host Board for automatic seamless connectivity, the calls do not interrupt. (Optional)

7. perfect dual billing system:
If the computer fails, the opportunity to automatically store up to 8000 words, effectively ensuring the computer damage under such circumstances without losing your telephone bill.

8. dispatch interfaces are available:
Can be configured according to customer needs more traffic or scheduling; Within; Outside group Hu; Group Hu; Hu a key; Hu (hotline) and call scheduling function, to facilitate the directing and production scheduling.

9. personalized voicemail:
According to the user's telephone operations, an automated voice tells the user the right to use.

10. message recording system:
Message prompt or Hu called according to customer needs, with telephone recording system for a long time. (Optional)

11. IP telephones and IP market (public) automatic recognition function:
Switch will automatically recognize your IP out to, multiple routing to economy choices out IP, you can redial any, for user convenience for enterprises saving.

12. outside go outside features:
Which can handle leased lines or call contracting business increases efficiency, full utilization of resources, telephone, VOIP, companies save a lot of airtime. (Optional)

13. the perimeter shall be eligible for functions:
Loop perimeter number be re-elected into the relay, more outside Hu into the single numbers, users can relay, removed from the application fee high relay with monthly fee.

14. the extension be re-elected or more of the first function:
Multiple extensions can use the same number, called extension can be more than one Bell, can also be set into one continuous ring. For busy and important business sector to solve line problems.

15. the extension number of a machine function:
An extension can also have multiple numbers, multiple operator the phone number connected to the same telephone service.

16. the lines inside and outside the grouping feature:
Based on the priority needs; Components can be set using the set of inside and outside line; So that different departments use different internal and external lines of Division

17. single inlet and single function:
Which can be set to several outside only scored, which few outside only play, avoid the perimeter occupied by internal users cannot score or none of the problems.

18. extension Redial function:
Has more than one that's in the system, inside and outside the wire one or two dial-up distinction, you can redial any.

19. the extension grade automatic conversion to and from work:
According to the unit's user needs, according to the original program levels of service at work, after work automatically enables different levels of service. (Optional)

20. bypass system features:
From Telecom users can call from CRC or cheaper carriers out, without changing the user's existing phone number and dialing, can save a lot of airtime for the enterprise.

21. inside and outside the lines line up features:
First call is the first extension Bell , When the second or third telephone call to follow , The system will automatically start multiple extension line within Bell , Which is to ensure the balanced distribution of business phone , Not lost in the busy business phone. (Optional)

22. Hu asked the Centre and business processing functions:
Can be used with GPS satellite positioning systems, special service such as 110119120 Hu call center platform used to do ticketing, logistics and other commercial Hu call center platform.

23. the fault self-diagnosis system:
Online diagnosis switch failure, precise diagnosis to a port of a device or a short circuit, and so on.

24. remote maintenance capabilities:
When the machine fails; Users can contact us; Our technicians can be changed by remote input and maintenance , Solution for users on the program maintenance worries.

25. automatic reset protection device:
Machine setting of automatic diagnostic system will detect strong electrical disturbance or phone network failures and automatically reset automatically when the fault is cleared automatically, save parameters and call systems.

26. hotel management system features:
According to user needs to configure the hotel management software , Realize the hotel reception desk, room, phone, food and beverage, entertainment, business, etc. WINDOWS98/NT/2000/XP Chinese operating system, presents an intuitive friendly interface , Operation is very simple. Can connect many PC terminals, through native serial terminal maintenance, parameter settings, traffic monitoring, management, query , Also available via the Internet for remote operation. (Optional)

27. advance deposit function:
Fixed charges for extension functions, to hotels, guest houses and other units to ensure the deposit settlement-to receive deposits or a restricted amount of input program, controlled by the machine in real time billing, so that extension or account credit will not overspend.

28. cell phone companion features:
Ringing phones and telephone set at the same time, any of these machines and calling , Another exit , No matter in what place can received a call from the Office , Mobile Office new capabilities. (Optional)

29. cable and wireless automatic conversion system:
Wireline telephony seamlessly with wireless interphone connection , Was entering the fixed line telephone network by radio , At a distance of wireless and wired phone , Wireless intercom can be a local number , Local can call wireless intercom , Retains the advantages of fixed line telephone , Increased mobility. The transmission distance , Strong mobile , Easy to carry , Reduce the cost of mobile calls , Improve work efficiency , To move Office staff provides great convenience. (Optional)

Other features:
Inter-city; The suburban counties; Local call; 168 8 service level limitations; Timed calls; Word generation; An outside line dial; If busy; Busy callback; Password for roaming; Password for the billing , Caller ID , Hu called transfer , Secretariat phone , Voice mail , Recording voice; Computer voice prompts; -Flexible number; Free '0' out; An outside line dial the extension; Three-way calling; Conference call; I speak; Hotline service; Wake up call; Voice mail services; Voice services; Internal and external transfer; Strong plug demolitions; Rush hung; Hu called out; To listen; Inside and outside the lines retained; Go outside for me; Extension busy tips; Outside the specified operator; Hu called the extension across the Group; Grouping operator services , Abbreviated dialing; Do not disturb; Malware trace; Print billing; Automatic discount holidays; Restrict incoming or outgoing; Line counter-or delayed billing; Internal and external line ringing tone distinction; Board outside Council Hu called; Extension telephone bill; Serial number; Level query , Multi-carrier IP economy routing, VOIP Internet phone access, with relay groups and tandems function, can be used with a variety of system operator incorporations, can realize remote control and centralized management, supports online upgrade, also available for operators, toll-free access, networking and other machines.

SW-2000 Digital Program-Controlled ConsumerExchanger
SW-2000 digital PABX

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