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Shanghai Light | PBX | Company | House | Family | special extension

Shanghai Light | PBX | Company | House | Family | special extension
  • Shanghai Light | PBX | Company | House | Family | special extension
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2 Line and 8 Ext 4 outside 16 extension

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Shanghai Shanghai Light

HG-416/208 PBX

A detailed description

Welcome to choose HG-416/208 type PBX .HG-416/208 PBX combines the advantages of both home and abroad, PBX, and PBX with advanced features, has a unique advantage in technological innovation, it is a have a variety of powerful features of the new business office PBX, the user unit to improve communication conditions, improve work efficiency, control spending bill to improve the intelligent level office ideal for communications equipment.

The main function

u full non-blocking switching cords.

u Caller ID (FSK and DTMF dual system compatible).

u Automatic IP telephony Hu out cost savings.

Outside Hu u can dial into the extension can be self-recorded voice prompts two stages.

u Hu a multi-level restrictions; length limit Hu out; limit dial code restrictions; password restrictions; authorization code restrictions.

u can set a variety of flexible service functions; Hu a hotline; DND Call Back; off-site transfer; A busy era; Pickup ringing, on behalf of the dial an outside line; secretarial services;

Switchboard demolitions inside and outside the line of music to choose from.

u switchboard can be flexible and easy to set, set it against power failures, can maintain long-term change.

when u power automatically switch on the outside of the first to fourth extension.

The main technical parameters

Exchange formats: analog ASU

Call cords: Four cords eight cords

Inside dialing tone: 450Hz

Insiders zeroing tone: 450Hz 1 秒 on, 4 seconds off

Confirmation tone: 450Hz 0.7 seconds after stop

Internal ringing: Zhen 1 second, stop 4 seconds

Hu outside the ring: Zhen Zhen 0.7 seconds 0.7 seconds 0.7 seconds pause stop 2.5 seconds

Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

Power: (15W

Size: 310mm * 200mm * 45mm

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