Hotel | Coal | Tunnel | Telephone Exchanges | 6 perimeter | 120 extension

Hotel | Coal | Tunnel | Telephone Exchanges | 6 perimeter | 120 extension

Product description:

Shanghai Light HJD-80C type program-controlled telephone switches

Function Description


Inside outside 6-15 8-120


HJD-80C type of program-controlled telephone switches 3


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HJD-80C PABX Profile

1. Dial functions inside and outside the lines:
Automatic identification and external lines (external or long distance redial), replacing the dial must dial '0' before the trouble outside.

2. unequal bit length, full-resilient coding function:
Users can all extension phone numbers to any arrangement 1-7 (1-7 may exist, without any restrictions) Internal Hu called switchboard can shrink 1-2 suitable for a hotel or some need to get the phone number room number consistent place.

3. Hu incoming outside groups and answer feature:
There are 30 extensions simultaneous ringing for whoever answered the phone business on who should rule (answer machine also can be adapted to use the real estate agent, etc.) Group Hu and answer system can be set so that when the outside comes in.

The deposit real-time control functions:
When the user calls automatically and immediately after the kick, then cut off the road, really do not overdraft charges (currently on the market most of the switch defect is: The last long-distance calls can be unlimited overdraft).

5. send music Waiting outside busy:
At the same time when a number of outside come in, line should be connected to the switchboard is busy, the switch automatically queued and sent to wait outside music.

6. commuting voice and extension grade automatic switching function:
. a as at work by a manual transfer, after work will automatically switch to computer voice services using voice prompts guide the incoming outside dial extension number;
b. If the extension can call at work long distance, international long distance, after work can only play inside, telephone. avoid the staff work to make a private call.

7. The conference call functions inside and outside the wire:
Authorized, any extension can operate multiple internal or external conference call simultaneously.

8. extension outside busy hanging incoming reminder function provides:
When a user if outside when an incoming call is automatically broadcast reminders hanging tone, you are there to inform incoming outside, urging you to hang up as soon as possible and answer the incoming call.

9. to dial an outside line intelligent routing function:
When the extension to dial an outside line, the switch automatically selects the most economical route outgoing outside, without changing the user's habits, there is no need to dial the IP header.

10. Incoming transfer mobile phone features:
When the inside / outside into the extension ring several times, no answer, the switch will automatically transfer to your pre-set phone number, so you travel office correct.

11. The outside turn outside functions:
When the outside into the extension, the extension is busy, the switch will automatically transfer to the other, then the future external number of your set in advance.

12. The wireless outside line access functions:
You can enable GSM or CDMA in the absence of external lines outside area wireless access capabilities for the mountains, mines, islands and telecommunication lines is not enough office area.

13. The external adapter enables adapter and music Waiting consult:
When transferred to a station outside the front, you can ask the called party if you want to answer, while waiting for the music to play outside.

14. Insiders grouping:
Insiders can be divided into multiple groups, they can achieve the exchange within the group to be exchanged across groups to avoid internal idle personnel arbitrary units called or cross-group chat, a waste of resources.

15. prepayment function:
Enter the operating system deposit will be charged, the user will automatically deductions after each call, this function is suitable for billing and settlement management in hotels, enterprises and other units.

16. The deposit time recording function:
Every deposit paid phone models, there will be a detailed record of the date on the computer.

17. The election relay function:
When there are multiple external telephone number access, you can choose one of the favorite number as the switchboard number announced, outside both scored by the number, when this number is occupied, the relay will automatically dial an alternative number remaining .

18. Long voice features:
Original factory computer operator voice when 20 seconds long, For longer voice can be customized according to user needs, adapted to needs of multilingual services units.

19. Radio telephony features:
If no answer important to enable this feature to find someone Hu called the called person can dial any extension code nearby, you can take over the telephone on behalf of The function suitable for a noisy place and require frequent job mobility personnel.

20. A computer operator prompts standard digital voice capabilities: Recorded live in accordance with user requirements, but also increase the multiple computer operator and extended voice.

21. Transfer security features: Traffic can hookswitch adapter error recovery, and re-transfer.

22. Truly prevent thefts from long distance features:
Can effectively prevent low-level extension calls ultra vires, completely solve the common problem of many switches.

23. Outside Hu functions into a variety of ways:
Divided dial extension, switchboard transfer, Hu extension group, line up and answer five. Direct Inward Dialing enables audio grab dial can also be set as incoming outside for a long time should not be automatically transferred to the call on any extension pre-set.

24. Returns switchboard functions: Outside ext automatically returned when no one answered the switchboard ringing from the switchboard to ask the other party if you want to transfer another extension.

25. The Secretary of the extension functions: When looking into the internal and external lines Hu, general manager of the first pick by the sub secretary, avoid incoming disturb the daily work of leadership.

26. Hu out eight level limit extension function:
Local (suburban), special service, first-class franchise word individually. Extension Intercom rights can be controlled (for hotels and other places), it can also be set to limit the perimeter Hu.

27. accounting function:
Computer interface can directly reflect the call and then a single case, and provide access to, and has a variety of print formats, simple and quick to set rates, deposit and discount periods, etc. through a computer.

28. Barge calling features:
Switchboard can call extensions in being forced insertion. (Incoming outside turn can be strong when plugged into the extension is busy.)

29. IP prefix automatic send function:
After the card when the user uses IP long distance calls, the switch will automatically set the IP number and password plus issued, omit the user each time when long distance calls are required to dial long-distance IP card number and password and then dialing the area code and telephone number trouble.

30. Extension dedicated external features:
Extension important sectors in order to avoid the outside is occupied, can be set to a dedicated outside line to dial an outside line unimpeded.

31. Smart wakeup feature:
Depending on the setting, the machine will automatically wake up the client to the point, then the computer will automatically record on the second 'wake up' the run date and time, and automatically submit voice 'Hello, your time has come to wake up, Thank you!'.

32. Do Not Disturb feature: DND service can choose from inside, outside or all exemptions applicable to rest incoming interference.

33. forcibly disconnect functions: Switchboard can often account for the implementation of the extension line of force stitches.

34. The incoming trunk dial features:
Without switchboard transfer, there is no need to listen to the computer voice dial extension number, an outside user can directly dial internal extensions, suitable for senior business leaders Dedicated staff or use.

35. Caller ID and external line: Support DTMF, FSK two formats.

36. voice services:
Users can hear a variety of useful voice services on the phone. (Sixth voice guidance)

37. The billing system has an automatic discount billing functions:
Billing type; billing; billing parameters; discount rate; discount period can be set flexibly; calls statistics; facilitate inquiries (according to call type; query statistics time range and tabulation printing; extension number).

38. Roaming Password: Any one extension user to enter personal account in the system, the password can dial an outside line, at a cost of the personal account.

39. The words never lost a single function:
CDR system has a mass storage function (time from the computer, you can still store 2000 CDRs), when connected to the computer, after the power transfer switch automatically saved to their words alone, so that if a single storage more secure, manage calls more convenient and, thanks to the unique communication mechanism, if the computer suddenly loses power, the switch automatically stops its transmission, then a single, but still take advantage of the switching system saved the bill never truly lost.

40. prevent Override demolitions features: Hu called for protection has been set extension, switchboard can not override its demolitions, suitable for high-grade phone protection.

41. Outside grouping: Relay can be divided into multiple groups, and the outgoing Board to be arbitrarily set, ease of use and management of designated perimeter.

42. voice broadcast functions:
Voice mail can broadcast the current system date and time, version number and extension number, grade, physical numbers, calls, internal to the phone number.

43. A variety of access functions: It can be connected with Telecom, China Netcom, China Railcom, Mobile, Unicom, Sumiyoshi, Satcom and private network network.

44. Anti-pole user functions: For open public dialogue and with subordinate switch, sending reversal signal for accurate billing use.

45. PC connect function: Switch interfaces with a PC can be connected directly to achieve a variety of operations and management switchboard services and PC.

46. ​​The power switching function: When the power switch, outside access automatic correspondence before four extensions, avoid the blackout incoming outside can not access the phenomenon.

47. The difference between the inside and outside line ringing function: Phone ringtone can be set to the inside and outside to incoming ringing words of different, user-friendly distinction.

48. The network management functions:
When operators or agents of large quantities of calls put into operation switches, and other management and rank and rate settings can be set up the network management center, remote maintenance, remote management, billing, monitoring, control, calls inquiries.

Two kinds of housing to choose from:

High black leather

Simple Business Blue

49. Hotel Management interface protocol:
With hotel management software, will be the rate, grade, and other functions at night wake upload to hotel management system for unified management.

50. External music interface functions: Inside the adapter is provided with the beautiful sounds of music, if users need their own personalized music functions can be arbitrary matching.

51. Configure business dedicated phone functions:
If the user is busy things, it recommended supporting the use of my company's 'Business dedicated phone', which can store multiple phone numbers inside and outside the line, and a key or a key transit Hu out extension, very convenient.

52. AC-DC dual function: This opportunity is automatically enabled when the battery power in case of power failure, automatically charge the battery until the call, without human action.

Other features:
Virtual PBX, switchboard substituting for long distance extension election, extension locks, off-site transfer, pickup incoming, incoming transfer inside and outside the line, forced out, busy Callback.

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