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  • COSMIC 32M
Product code: 19451100001
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COSMIC 32MCosmic 32M is a pursuit of precision and convenience of high-speed electric peeling machine, and also standard equipped with a high-sensitivity touch sensor, only a very light touch can quickly response action, using the two V-shaped knife ( equivalent to 4 blades) mode may correspond to processing environmentally friendly wire ( halogen-free wire), it is equipped with a display unit of the cutting diameter of 0.01mm digital display screen, in addition also prepared as an optional component foot switch. Technical Specification specification
Workable wire section processing applicable wire : AWG14 ~ AWG32
Stripping length Stripping length : 1.0 ~ 25.0 mm
Partial stripping length semi-stripping length : Minimum 1.0 mm
Insulation material corresponding to the wire jacket material : Teflon, Rubber PVC Eco-cable, Etc
Machine cycle stroke cycle : 0.3 sec
Electrical requirement Voltage Power : AC100V ~ 240V 45VA
Net Weight Product Weight : 5.0Kg
Measurements (L * W * H) Dimensions : 350 * 85 * 160 mm Brand : COSMIC Model : COSMIC 32M maximum cutting length : 30 Power supply voltage: 100/240 Power: 45 Weight: 5