CoaxStrip5300MX mini cable stripping machine

CoaxStrip5300MX mini cable stripping machine

Product description:

Schleuniger Schleuniger equipment

Model : CoaxStrip5300MX mini cable stripping machine

It can quickly and accurately in the outer diameter of the inner conductor is 0.07 mm / 0.003 (AWG 42) to 2 mm can not hand- stripping cable / 0.080 was peeling between a maximum stripping length of 29 mm / 1.14 '. CoaxStrip 5300 MX is magical the MC 252 miniature coaxial cable stripping machine substitutes updated and improved. the unique stripping head design combines universal stripping blades with a universal centering system in one. So CoaxStrip 5300 MX can handle all of the most thin cable, without the need to replace the blade. machine You can use 2 or 4 blades blade system (depending on the mold ), with excellent features Schleuniger actual silent operation to ensure the maximization of stripping quality and performance. the patented stripping head is precision in order to ensure a free and unparalleled stripping quality stability.

The maximum cutting length : 29 (mm) null

Power supply voltage : 100-115 / 230-240 (V) null

Power : 100 (W) null

Dimensions : 494 x 140 x 218 (mm) null

Weight : 9.7 (kg) null