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Hanwang attendance B221 | Hanvon Face Recognition Attendance Machine B221 | Face attendance machine punch card machine

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance Brand: Hanwang / HW
  • Model (20000-1): B221
  • Attendance Type: Video style
  • Color classification: the official standard + Video Tutorials + free shipping official standard + 8G U disk + free shipping official standard + 16G USB + free shipping
  • Access authentication method: Face
  • Service: Genius

B221Hanwang face through the introduction of a universal product for low-end attendance SME units use attendance, specialized alternative credit card, face recognition attendance fingerprint attendance products, 2.4Inch screen, using the world's first embedded 'Dual cameras ' Face recognition products, the latest 'DualSensor? V2.6' Face recognition algorithm is simple and practical, totally non-touch, fast recognition from ambient light, support TCP / IP , U Disk two means of communication, to achieve the user data and attendance records of the uploading and downloading.


  • Color display
    2.4Inch TFT color display, touch keyboard
  • Latest face recognition algorithm
    Using HW
    DualSensor? V2.6The latest face recognition algorithm, combined 'Multi-source recognition ' Advanced technology and high-performance DSP Higher processor, recognition accuracy, faster recognition
  • 24Hours a day
    A fully human body without harm is not visible auxiliary light source technology, day and night can be a good recognition, 24Hours a day
  • High stability, low energy
    High-performance, low-power DSP Processor, completely off-line operation, the system detected after a long run, stable. At the same time, the device supports automatic sleep mode, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
    TFT LCD /touch screen , humane GUI Interface and WEB End management software, support local operations and provide real-time display, after successful identification, the Chinese name automatically broadcast
  • Incidental attendance software

Managers as needed, to summarize all the information, editing, fiction variety attendance management reports, statements and other management personnel, time and attendance applications to meet a variety of places

  • Intelligent self-learning function
    Automatically set the time, automatically capture human face, with self-learning function template, along with hair, skin color, age and other changes dynamically updated face database, template database to ensure users always recent information, thus always correctly recognize faces
  • Mass storage, UDisk backup
    Local data storage, support USB Import data storage device /export data
  • Other useful features
  • Next-to-many identification mode, the user capacity of up to 200people
  • TCP / IP Network architecture, support for remote management
  • System scalability: Set aside all kinds of common interface, peripherals can be added as needed, such as input /Output Device
  • It supports a variety of self-test alarm : Storage battery alarm
  • Technical Parameters

User Capacity


Recording capacity

10Ten thousand

Recognition Algorithm

DualSensor? V2.6



Flash Memory


Hardware platform

High-speed digital media processor


Private double Camera

Ways of identifying

Face recognition, face recognition work number

Verify speed

﹤1Sec (200 users)

Rejection rate


Error rate


Press the key

4*4Touch buttons

The display

2.4Inch TFT color screen, 60005 thousand color high color, 320 * 240 resolution

Voice Features

Broadcast Fun Greeting

way of communication

Standard TCP / IP, U disk

power supply

12V DC , Operating current 500mA

The use of distance

30- 80 cm

Operating temperature

0- 40


129.12 * 211.08 * 117.23mm


Wall-mounted, the proposed height of 1150mm