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Gps car + Personal Locator | Gps Tracker worldwide quality assurance

Gps car + Personal Locator | Gps Tracker worldwide quality assurance
  • Gps car + Personal Locator | Gps Tracker worldwide quality assurance
Product code: 19449600001
Unit price: 580 CNY  (84.25 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 60KG Black Blue Grey Silver
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Waterproof function: plus waterproof Material: alloy Origin: Shenzhen China
Battery: 8 (h) GPS positioning accuracy: 3-10 (m) Model: T-18
Battery type: Lithium Battery Brand: Liyuan Memory: Save for three months (M)
Antenna Type: External / Internal External power supply form: Battery Dimensions: 85mm x 63mm x 18mm (mm)
Alarm: Motion alarm; fence alarm; vibration alarm; power failure alarm; overspeed alarm; SOS alarm

1 Performance Application

This product is based on GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, short messaging, or remote target by mutual contact locate or monitor with a mileage statistics, ACC detection, power failure alarm function, compatible with the original vehicle anti-theft devices: car alarm After the alarm equipment is also alarm, notify the owner via SMS.

2 ways to apply

l car rental / small fleet management.

l global satellite positioning; vehicle location query; real-time monitoring; timing tracking

l remote control off the oil off track crime

l command vehicles in various industries, scheduling system.

3 Hardware Description

4. Product-kind shooting (pirated reserved)

5. GPS instructions

Terminal Indicator:

Terminal equipment with red and blue lights in the rear to pass on the power supply, the red LED will light terminal equipment ten seconds, and then enter every two seconds flashed, indicating the device into operation. The red indicator flashes fast express terminal devices are communicating. blue lights flashed two seconds indicates that the GPS module in standby, blue light stays lit, indicates that the GPS module in the work, but not located, the blue light has been lit, indicates that the GPS module work, and has positioned.

Terminal main functions:

A, Location tracking: Through the platform or mobile phone terminal device always locate, understand the equipment running status positioning platform is determined according to customer requirements.
B, an emergency alarm is triggered: the terminal equipment installed in a vehicle when an emergency occurs, an alarm for help.
C, Remote control oil and circuit: anytime, anywhere via SMS control terminal equipment installed in a vehicle passage and circuits.
D, one-way calling features: call the terminal device's phone number, you can hear the sound around the terminal device within the range of 5 meters after turning anywhere.
It will send text messages via mobile phone text messaging notification to the device, start the movement alert function terminal equipment installed in a vehicle movement: E, the motion alarm.
F, Speed ​​alarm: through the phones to send text messages to the device, start speeding alarm function terminal equipment installed in the vehicle speed will send SMS notification when the speed exceeds the set.
G, Electronic fence: send text messages via cell phone to the device, activate the electronic fence function terminal equipment installed in the vehicle will send text messages beyond the limited scope of notification.
H, mobile phones get through dimensions or address: You can obtain the location of installation of equipment by the vehicle through the phone's dimensions or text descriptions address (Get text address function requires platform support).
I, Remote reboot the system: send text messages via mobile phone terminal device restart.
J, set the positioning interval: You can also set the transmission interval by interval set the phone via internet data transmission platform, according to whether the platform supports this feature may be.
K, Mileage statistics, ACC detection, power failure alarm.
L, compatible with the original vehicle anti-theft device: After the car burglar alarm equipment is also alarm, notify the owner via SMS.
M, modify IP and port functions: Choose a variety of positioning platform that provides communication protocol.

Platform specific features

(1) Rights Management

① User Management

By the positioning platform management through a unique user ID number and password management, different permissions assigned to another user ID number and password, set the state of the internal administrator.

② Rights Assignment

By using the positioning platform administrator privileges to manage the internal levels, assign the corresponding managed objects, establish ownership relations between the administrator and is positioned inside the target.

③ packet management

Can be positioned according to user goals affiliation, distribution of regional situations, different target groups to be positioned to run the line, in accordance with prior good points groups operate, easy management.

(2) positioning function

① real-time location

To locate the actual position of the selected target location, the current position of the query is positioned, it may be the target visually displayed on an electronic map, and with the corresponding position text description.

② Group Location

Can be grouped according to the demand management of different groups can be positioned simultaneously, greatly improving query speed and efficiency.

③ lock tracking

Select single or multiple targets real-time location, a certain time interval to locate the target intervals and displays real-time action by the target track on the electronic map.

④ timed positioning

Set a specified time period (eg March 9, 2009 08: 00-18: 00) and time intervals (such as every 15 minutes), to be the target for positioning and location information for each record.

⑤ SMS Location

By phone or PHS positioning is positioned on the need to locate targets.

(3) Maps

① Map search feature can find out positioning platform able to support provincial and county maps.

② map display: According to the different needs of electronic maps hierarchical display.

③ map operation: map can be enlarged or reduced step by step, according to the need for straight-line distance between two points, while providing powerful online editing tools, different users assign different editing permissions, audit automatic, real-time updates .

(4) The schedule management

This feature is primarily designed levy on the logistics company, this function can know that the company is the target, respectively, in 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, the location of the case within 24 hours to facilitate scheduling management; Double-click the terminal number, you can also know the current is a description of the location of the target; if the terminal with a screen, you can also send text messages to achieve scheduling by positioning platform.

(5) Historical Track

Track conditions were the target of history can display playback time in the map in the past three months.

The use of smart phones View Location Map (All free)

GPS T18 wiring diagram

Note: Accessories with only one relay

First, the power cord: (Positioning; break alarm; overspeed alarm and other basic functions)
In order to ensure locator concealment, recommend take on the main line of the source of the power cord must come directly from the battery, otherwise the car is turned off, the locator along with power and trigger off alarm function such as: door switch power line take the line at the entrance. power connector better looking, generally as long as the car is turned off, there is electricity on the line can be, you can do with the ammeter test. We recommend to let a professional installer auto parts store or beauty shop car installation, correct access to power.

Two: Relays (off the oil off function)

Or power off the oil, respectively, need a relay (pictured), a power outage, white 86 feet, 85 feet yellow; time off oil, yellow 86 feet, 85 feet white; red line 87A, the line is disconnected interface may wiring; 87 feet and 30 feet in series power supply circuit or circuits.

Relay above a standard 30 87 87A 85 86 that this connection is 30 regular power supply 87 connected to the electrical connection you want to use (30 and 87A are normally closed contacts; when the relay is not working is has been communicated; only relay When working on 30 separate contacts and 87A will not pass; when the relay contacts 30 and 87 on the communication; so 30 and 87 are normally open contacts are called; 85 and 86, these two joints is easily connected as long as there is a FireWire cable can be a grounding (for example, you switch to control the line of fire is connected to 85, you're 86 they took grounding, grounding the control switch is connected to 85, you can pick 86 FireWire.

Three: antenna placement
Trigger alarm line: Recommended placed not far from the driver, in case without use.
GSM antenna: GSM signal good car, any car on the outside can be somewhere.
GPS antenna: GPS signals from satellites, has certain limitations nature it can not penetrate buildings as well as metal so please GPS antenna placed under glass in plastic under the car, so it can be both subtle and accurate positioning for. ensure proper use.

Four: the original anti-theft device (horn) Interface
The wiring is very simple, take the line directly to the original anti-theft device as long as the original anti-theft devices (such as iron generals) alarm, car locator will immediately send an alert message to the owners, to achieve the perfect protective effect.

Five: ACC Interface
Key to start the positive power connection ..

Product Features:

• Set: You can send text messages using a mobile phone to set parameters for terminal

• Set content: Authorized phone number, equipment operating various functions of the parameter settings

• Automatically monitor the sound within 5 meters of the terminal equipment (based on customer demand, may authorize the phone number limit monitoring)

• Positioning way: GPS satellite positioning

• Positioning Accuracy: Outdoor 5-15 meters

• Positioning query: positioning platform query, SMS inquiry

Technical Parameters:

• Frequency range:. 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz (850MHz optional)

• Data transmission: SMS, GPRS (need to set the APN, China access point CMNET)

• GPS Chip: SiRF four generations

• GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm

• Backup Battery: 3.7V 1100 毫安

• Supply voltage: DC-9V-30V

• Operating temperature: -20 ℃ to + 70 ℃

• Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃

• Operating Humidity: 5-95% RH

• Size: 85 * 63 * 23mm (without antenna)

• Weight: 0.51kg

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