Fuel delivery vehicles

Fuel delivery vehicles

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Professional Features utility vehicles began to be concerned about vehicle business

The rapid development of global economic integration led the industry more specialized division of labor, and thus the formation of professional user groups, naturally produce professional features professional user groups needs.

For vehicle products, whether it is a motorcycle (including electric scooter) or bike (including electric bikes), everyone is chasing the scale, so the production of motorcycles or bicycles vehicle product has only basic functions, meet ordinary consumption by means of transport needs; additional vehicle production enterprises for many years the main change is to take price cuts and simple appearance to the development of competition.

Incomplete: a production qualification of motorcycle business in the country 300 Home about (motorcycle tricycles, etc.); bicycles, electric bicycles (management is very confusing), large and small around 3000 Pattern or so, but this is difficult to form extensive development of self-core competitiveness, still in the extent adopted piecemeal, most business owners are always in a state of high tension, there is no benign self core competitiveness .

Now we rely on price grappling, most do not brand, price substantially to the breakeven point, this road has been blocked; by the simple appearance of deformation, this deformation due mainly parts suppliers, and not primarily automobile companies, So car companies will basically get them for a long time can not form self-competitive, so to say over the years come and go, consumers are not NA me interested, so awareness on vehicle business competition crisis It comes naturally.

In fact; most car companies do not have their own according to the actual Rational thinking of enterprise; and blindly follow the trend; however a handful of companies in recent years has gradually increased development needs of professional features; such as law enforcement special purpose vehicles (police chased etc.), special vehicles foods postal delivery vehicle (with special delivery box) food outside selling cars gizmos short distance transport convenient car clean car fire emergency vehicles, etc. has gradually formed an advantage, while access to a relatively high profit.

As the market mechanism platform environment does not meet the country's economic development is relatively fair, business professional features use the car what was most optimistic about business and instead seize the initiative, not to mention whether you can use professional features into a development vehicle height, and Right now they are to take this self-competitive differentiation formed a powerful tool.

To really do this cake; we must first fully understand the true professional needs of professional customers; then, systematic investment style (now mostly used type) development.

Finally, we can only hope that the state as soon as possible to improve the market competition mechanism, to encourage self-development, the protection of self-development, hoping that purpose vehicle market professional features all the best.