Urbanization electric tricycle

Urbanization electric tricycle

Product description:

Urbanization tricycle thinking - Urbanization tricycle Jiangzhi Gong Division has successfully developed and applied design

Everybody knows also think so: either fuel or electric tricycle is used as a kind of low-grade rustic rounds between rural and township market only with four-wheel vehicles used functional use is difficult to replace the limited practical transportation Transportation.

As China's economic strength, the majority of rural and township farmers' overall financial capacity accordingly been greatly improved, especially in our country, the government has invested heavily in a fundamental change has completed most of the rural roads. Under the new economic situation and new rural farmers naturally generated an urgent need to improve the lives of working to complete, such as trying to add their own ideas as a canvas roof to shelter before the tricycle, etc., and later due to the need of the market, some businesses along with further improvement after providing the market demand in this regard But all are not breakthrough improvements in the practice of the concept of thinking inherent to the tricycle, and are perfect for staying in the market has some improvements, giving a feeling of shoddy pieced together , No shadow beauty and design integration . More can not do a potential demand for new rural farmers are now, or desire!

As a professional vehicle transport vehicles and equipment market research and design and development services in Shenzhen 江智公 Division I have been more concerned about the follow-up study of a very large domestic consumer market in rural areas, while further design and development of products currently on the market can not be very good to meet the deeper rural consumers level professional needs.

By studying the major findings:

1 Now the purchasing power of the rural economy as a whole and therefore enhance the purchase of transport vehicles have been and 10 Years ago, the price of the main consideration; other factors hardly become a condition affecting the purchase decision of the concept has undergone a fundamental change; a few years ago the family income may be enough to buy a car price; now an able-bodied person is almost less than 2 Month income can buy a car . Car brands now feature a personalized style modeling reputation even as the car culture, and so will decide to buy one of the conditions.

2 The rural market is now not only a major consumer market as the economic environment changes affected, more importantly, most of them are directly or indirectly through or go out to work heavily influenced by fully able to maintain the basic step with the times;. City Some people want they will try to fight to get!

3 China's rural urbanization has decided to accelerate the pace of construction in rural areas some of the original means of transport and equipment required to update or change the appropriate

4 Now part of the rural consumers, not only in agriculture, but also in villages and towns near the city or county business; and this part of the people has gradually become a leader in consumer attitudes of the rural market changes.

Throughout the countryside now or in the future 5 The actual development of the tricycle (including four-wheel vehicles) will have a significant market blowout, and irreplaceable!

We can think of: the past few years farmers have to do farm work; basically do not want to walk; for they are basically able to select the means of transportation is a motorcycle; two electric cars; bicycles; tricycles (fuel or electric). The best way is to tricycle; not only do not walk and can be easy to carry farm tools; combined now basically a concrete road pavement or asphalt pavement; this more favorable market tricycle!

But the market tricycle traditional thinking difficult to meet the needs of the modern rural market, not to mention the fundamental shape, single function, the lack of two-wheelers and convenient features, so few people are willing to use.

So one kind of handsome in appearance, but also shelter a similar function came with car MP3 Tricycle, while you can pick up the goods but passengers ( Usually ride 2 And comes with a few people about baggage ) But also the whole family to visit family ( Usually it can take 4 Personal about ) And so on. That is the future of urbanization tricycle design and development direction!

We 1 Years of research and design, and finally in 2012 Successfully developed by the end of year and Welfare Fund as lithium delivery vehicles put into use for the first time as Shanghai.

Now the city has gradually been Post Express EMS Net purchases of goods delivery supermarket delivery and other aspects of the city clean.