Jiangzhi high fashion luxury delivery box

Jiangzhi high fashion luxury delivery box

Product description:

Delivery box will become the main takeaway food enterprise specification identifies catering operations

The formal implementation of the national (Food Security Act), marking the Chinese restaurant food business operations will be the rule of man into the law the regulatory period. Means that the food industry in China engaged in the catering business practices must assume not only ethical constraints and, more importantly social responsibility mission.

For the increasingly rapid development of strong business in the takeaway food catering business; the impact of the global financial crisis; now people are affected overall consumer confidence; it will reduce consumption than in the past; but eating - Is the most basic needs of people's lives, not eat a big meal or less fancy meal, must eat fast food and other economic meal. Also the traditional kind alone store large luxurious business model to attract customers gradually being direct foreign fast food chain business model economy challenge, future operations to chain business model is stronger for large fundamental way.

Fast delivery, health tasty and nutritious meals is the assessment of the global food and beverage takeaway three basic conditions. Fast delivery is the foundation, is to ensure the health and delicious, nutritious meals is the goal. But the current economic fast food takeaway restaurant food mainly, all kinds of home-based friends and other catering outgoing type, etc. gradually rise on the whole: there is a big gap with the above conditions, fast delivery are increasing improving, is still far from enough health tasty, outgoing tools currently used, such as plastic bags, plastic boxes, etc. can not be guaranteed, send multifunction luxury outside the box is only minimal, nutritious meals for takeout is currently just a vision.

But no matter ruffle say (food safety law) implemented, which means practitioners of mandatory liability otherwise will be punished by law so broad prospects for the development of catering food delivery market, the future battleground;.!! As ensure stronger and bigger, and without legal sanction, they must meet as soon as possible fast delivery, tasty and nutritious meals hygiene requirements. The most critical is how to ensure the delivery of health delicious restaurant food? That is the need to use an external function with insulation send me assure delivery without any influence on the way. to ensure people eat at ease flavored meal, nutrition as possible.

From our recent 3 Internet users in recent months, 20 Statistical analysis of survey data of the same people come to a clear conclusion: delivery box will become the main takeaway food enterprise specification identifies catering operations!