MSMA042A1G Matsushita Electric Liuzhou 51 special information

MSMA042A1G Matsushita Electric Liuzhou 51 special information

Product description:

  • MSMA042A1G Matsushita Electric Liuzhou 51 special brand: Panasonic Price: Special Delivery: Spot size: New and original
    Panasonic A series motor Download Products (Panasonic)
    Panasonic A series AC servo small inertia
    Power servo motor with brake motor matching drive
    100W MSMA012A1C MSMA012A1G MSDA013A1A
    200W MSMA022A1C MSMA022A1G MSDA023A1A
    400W MSMA042A1C MSMA042A1G MSDA043A1A
    750W MSMA082A1C MSMA082A1G MSDA083A1A
    1.0KW MSMA102A1C MSMA102A1G MSDA103A1A
    1.5KW MSMA152A1C MSMA152A1G MSDA153A1A
    2.0KW MSMA202A1C MSMA202A1G MSDA203A1A
    2.5KW MSMA252A1C MSMA252A1G MSDA253A1A
    3.0KW MSMA302A1C MSMA302A1G MSDA303A1A
    3.5KW MSMA352A1C MSMA352A1G MSDA353A1A
    4.0KW MSMA402A1C MSMA402A1G MSDA403A1A
    4.5KW MSMA452A1C MSMA452A1G MSDA453A1A
    5.0KW MSMA502A1C MSMA502A1G MSDA503A1A

    product description
    A; Panasonic's unique algorithm; make speed frequency response increased by 2 times; reach 500HZ: Positioning super adjustment time is reduced to the previous product set 1/4.

    Second, Panasonic servo motor A series has a resonance suppression and control functions: shortage can compensate mechanical rigidity, in order to achieve high-speed positioning.

    Third, with full closed-loop control functions: Through an external high-precision grating to form closed loop control, further improve the system accuracy.

    Fourth, the electrical protection class of IP65, environmental adaptability.

    Main products: Motor; amplifier; touch screen; man-machine interface; inverter, etc.
    Main brands: Mitsubishi; Panasonic; Puluofeisi; Emerson; HITEC; Yaskawa, etc.