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Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003 servo motor Shanghai new spot

Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003 servo motor Shanghai new spot
  • Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003 servo motor Shanghai new spot
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For more information about the new motor Shanghai spot Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003 Servo
  • Brand / model: Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003
  • Time constant: 1DD2ms
  • Ambient temperature: 10DD60 ℃
  • Applicable motor: All
  • Speed ​​response frequency: 0.015-0.3KHzKHz
  • Rated voltage: 220VV
  • Power: 0.4DD50KWkw
  • Product Certification: ISO

Mitsubishi MR-E-40AG-KH003 Mitsubishi servo motor Shanghai new stock MR-E-40AG-KH003 servo motor Shanghai new spot

Mitsubishi servo motor MR-ES Series

Mitsubishi servo motor MR-ES Series
Mitsubishi servo system Mitsubishi servo amplifier applications more widely, not only can be used for working machinery and general industrial machinery needs high-precision position control and smooth speed control applications, can also be used for speed control and tension control. The product also RS-232 and RS-422 serial communication function, by installing a servo configuration software of the personal computer will be able to set parameters, commissioning, status display and gain adjustment operation. Mitsubishi servo system MR-J2S servo MR column -J2 series developed on the basis of Mitsubishi servo systems with higher performance and higher functions, the control mode with position control, speed control and torque control, and switching between them control for selected candidates.

Mitsubishi servo motor MR-ES Series
MR-ES series from the control mode can be divided into MR-EA-KH003 (Position control mode and speed control mode), MR-E-AG-KH003 (Analog input speed control mode and torque control mode).
Latest encoder MR-ES series supporting servo motor incremental 131072 pulses / rev resolution
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