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Women's pear in the long curly hair big wavy fake tail ponytail

Women's pear in the long curly hair big wavy fake tail ponytail
Product code: 19392700030
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Tikalandi Pear Horsetail 48CM700 ...
  • Brand: Tikalansi
  • Wigs single product: pear Mawei 48CM7001
  • Color Classification: Long natural black 48CM long dark brown 48CM long section light brown 48CM short paragraph natural black 38CM short paragraph dark brown 38CM short paragraph light brown 38CM
  • Hair material: high temperature wire

You pro who waited for a long time

Now bring you the awesome pear horsetail Oh

Fine hair is not shiny matte is not generally small workshop for sale of inferior goods Oh ~

Usually have to 68Yuan one

It is recommended that parents choose to close their hair with the color just fine

Because the following part is covered by their own hair Kazakhstan

Even if there is a little bit different, there will be highlighting the effect, very nice Oh

Do not wear do not be afraid, we have instructions

one Minute change goddess

I remember there is a survey of boys like most girls hairstyle section

Horsetail, but the boys to vote at the top of Oh ~

Their hair short, or hair volume less, we can choose this pony tail Oh

MM are wearing a cauda equina must bear in mind when their hair to be tight Oh, so the horsetail will not loose Oh ~

Can be used with their favorite hair accessories, and with the horsetail is very convenient