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Philippines | Korean version of visor Cap Beach Hat women | Summer Sun hats can be folded Hat summer

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: spring 2013
  • Shopping malls: are
  • Application object: middle-aged youth
  • Style: Cap
  • Size: average size
  • Hat styles: roof
  • Hat styles: extended eaves
  • Eaves: other
  • Main material: other
  • One group: women
  • Brand name: Tamiflu
  • Style: casual
  • Style details: other
  • Color: color beige color sky blue color color orange blue pink gray color creamy white color Navy blue color color color purple pink red pink dark pink beige Brown
  • Item no: XZ-014
  • For seasons: summer
  • For age: 15-19 years 30-34 years of age 40-59 years of age

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This visor is anti-UV, travel Feature--

1, technology, features
This paragraph hat, convenient folding Diego storage, total four species wearing method can as empty top cap (see Cheung figure), wearing effect compared has style, is classic of big along cap style. Cap Hou silk towel before and after are can tied Department front can Department in neck Shang again also fear wind big's, while is novel fashion. hat can adjustable small of size, for head small MM more is provides has practical of function Oh. Forehead sweat-a small piece of insulation layer into a full circle, sweat-absorbing sunscreen more effectively. Visor Super why 13cm before and after Sun can completely cover your entire head, so no longer fear the Sun all summer, because the process is more complex, and do not need to negotiate.

2 on a fabric
Cap of what thin silk floral freedom disassembly, very smooth and delicate, evenness, feel better. A grade

Available colors: Light pink, deep pink, beige, blue and gray, purple, coffee

New color: