Direct manufacturers thicken disposable coffee tea cups with lids custom printing custom logo design

Direct manufacturers thicken disposable coffee tea cups with lids custom printing custom logo design

Product description:

Custom processing It is use Hot cups Is there a cover Covered
Brand A US cups model 12 ounces specification 12oz
capacity 301-400ml (ml) Body Diameter 90 (mm) Occasions for gifts Advertising promotions, business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards Memorial, fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, employee benefits, public relations planning
Printed LOGO Not weight 0.8kg Whether imported no
Is there a patent no

Tips: pro, complimentary coffee switch cover, and can cover their preferences black or white cover according to the default no notes of white hair Oh In addition, because sales of large leather color cup, although we try to keep the unity of each batch of color! , but because the problem batch of paper and other raw materials, there may be a certain color and feel a little difference!

Note: This cup is the European version of 12oz, 14oz cup is equivalent to domestic specifications and capacity!

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A US cups
Product Name
Disposable coffee cups tea cups 12 ounces hot takeaway cup (KFB-007)
Cup diameter 9.0cm, bottom of the cup diameter 5.9cm, height 11.0cm cup body
320g quality food grade paper cup + 18PE Laminating
Common capacity --350ml, cup full capacity -400ml
50 sets (50 sets here mug + cover price)