Siemens 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0 valve positioner original spot

Siemens 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0 valve positioner original spot

Product description:

Siemens 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0 valve positioner is the original spot for more information
  • Make/model: Siemens 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0
  • Pressure range: 0DD100mPa
  • Nominal pressure: 50Mpa
  • Form: needle valve
  • Applicable temperature: 1-60 c
  • Input signal: 1DD5mA
  • Application: single acting, double acting
  • Parts and accessories: Accessories
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Body material: stainless steel
  • Type: straight
  • Direction of flow: one-way
  • Seal type: soft rubber type
  • Connection form: in an extreme environment, you can select an external non-contact position sensor
  • Drive mode: pulse
  • Pressure: high pressure
  • Weight: 2kgkg

Siemens 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0 valve positioner original spot 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0

Germany original Siemens intelligent electric valve Shanghai spot
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6DR5010-0NG01-0AA0 Shanghai Stock
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(Siemens positioner)
(Germany original Siemens intelligent electric valve Shanghai stock)
(Details download Shanghai stock)
▄ (Advantages, for example)
1; Installation is simple; Initialized automatically (automatic zero and range adjustments)
2, easy to operate
3, using the three buttons and two-line LCD display for easy operation and programming
4, via SIMATIC PDM program; Quality control thanks to Adaptive programs
5, the gas consumption can be ignored when the steady-state operation
6, close ' function (make sure to seat the maximum positioning pressure)
7, through simple configuration can achieve many features (such as parameterization, and limit values)
8, for valves and actuators diagnosis
9, and angular straight trip itinerary actuator using the same type of valve Positioners
10; Few moving parts; Not sensitive to vibrations
11; In an extreme environment; You can select an external non-contact position sensor
▄ (Application)
1; Single-acting actuator aluminum; Stainless steel or cast aluminum housing
2, double-acting actuator aluminum and stainless steel housing
3, used in non-hazardous area
4, can be used in non-hazardous area
5, intrinsically safe (EEx IAIB)
6, flameproof enclosure (EEx d)
7, explosion-proof design (no spark)
(Germany original Siemens intelligent electric valve Shanghai stock)

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Germany original Siemens intelligent electric valve Shanghai spot
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6DR5020-0NN01-0AA2 6DR5010-0EN00-0AA0
6DR5010-0EN01-0AA0 6DR5020-0EN01-0AA0
6DR5010-0EN01-0AA1 6DR5020-0EN01-0AA2
6DR5020-0NM00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NM01-0AA0
6DR5020-0NM01-0AA0 6DR5010-0NM01-0AA1
6DR5020-0NM01-0AA2 6DR5010-0EM00-0AA0
6DR5020-0EM00-0AA0 6DR5010-0EM01-0AA0
6DR5020-0EM01-0AA0 6DR5010-0EM01-0AA1
6DR5020-0EM01-0AA2 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA1
Germany original Siemens intelligent electric valve Shanghai spot
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6DR5010-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5020-0EG00-OAAO
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6DR5110-0NN01-0AA0 6DR5110-ONG11-0AA2

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