Supply Panasonic / Matsushita MSMD012P1U servomotor

Supply Panasonic / Matsushita MSMD012P1U servomotor

Product description:

For more information Supply Panasonic / Matsushita servo motor MSMD012P1U
  • Brand: Panasonic / Matsushita
  • Model: MSMD012P1U
  • Features: Power Servo
  • Driving element type: Electromechanical
  • Control mode: Closed loop
  • Power: 0.1kw
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Product Certification: CE
  • Speed ​​response frequency: 550KHz
  • Custom processing:
  • Dimensions: 20 * 30 * 40mm
  • Weight: 1kg

Supply Panasonic / Matsushita MSMD012P1U servo motor Supply Panasonic / Matsushita MSMD012P1U servomotor

Panasonic A4 series servo motors
Brand: Panasonic Delivery: Spot size: New and original
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The company special shelf A4 series Panasonic servo drives and motors
Our company consists of servo maintenance department, has extensive experience in the maintenance of more than engineers. Maintenance fast, cost a considerable discount.
main products:
Panasonic servo motor: A series; A4 series; A5 series
HMI: Pro-face touch screen; Hi-tech touch screen; Mitsubishi touch screen
Inverter: Mitsubishi inverter, Emerson, etc.

Use: Industrial equipment; cutting machine; excavator; engraving machine; Mounter; production line; CNC machine tools and other equipment

Usage: Suitable for solid crystal; wire bonders; spraying machine; multi-axis robot; remove the arm manipulator; PCB drilling machine molding; packaging machine; semiconductor equipment, etc.

Panasonic A4 series AC servo servo motors
Small inertia power: 750W
MSMD082P1U MCDDT3520 MCDDT3520003
MSMD082P1V MCDDT3520 MCDDT3520003
Of inertia
MDMA082P1G MDDDT3530 MCDDT3520003
MDMA082P1H MDDDT3530 MCDDT3520003
Large inertia
MHMD082P1U MCDDT3520 MCDDT3520003
MHMD082P1V MCDDT3520 MCDDT3520003
Small inertia power: 1.0KW
MSMA102P1G MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
MSMA102P1H MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
Of inertia
MDMA102P1G MDDDT3530 MDDDT5540003
MDMA102P1H MDDDT3530 MDDDT5540003
Large inertia
MHMA102P1G MDDDT3530 MDDDT5540003
MHMA102P1H MDDDT3530 MDDDT5540003

Small inertia power: 1.5KW
MSMA152P1G MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
MSMA152P1H MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
Of inertia
MDMA152P1G MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
MDMA152P1H MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
Large inertia
MHMA152P1G MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003
MHMA152P1H MDDDT5540 MDDDT5540003

Small inertia power: 2.0KW
MSMA202P1G MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003
MSMA202P1H MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003
Of inertia
MDMA202P1G MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003
MDMA202P1H MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003
Large inertia
MHMA202P1G MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003
MHMA202P1H MEDDT7364 MEDDT7364003

Small inertia power: 2.5KW
Of inertia
Large inertia

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