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Charging induction lighter creative wind genuine genuine personalized ultra - thin electronic arc lettering men custom

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  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Adous / Love fighters
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Black ice eternal love black ice Konstantin big promotion 19 yuan 包邮 miss regret the black ice smooth sailing gold golden skull golden beast ancient silver tiger golden golden bullet unicorn diamond square party (Left) gold diamond bag (below) silver diamond package (under) black ice wild beauty of black ice inverted space blue ice wolf also love the owner recommended business world of the window blue ice Angel Baby (left) Color ice immediately sealed Hou double-sided wealth of flowers silver double-sided wealth of gold double-sided double-plated Shenlong double-sided double-plated Tang grass
  • Item: Electric Wusi charging lighter

Charging lighter: no fuel, the use of Andrews data can be charged for use, lifetime warranty, save a few hundred dollars a year.

Arc pulse design: cigarette lighter speed increase of 50%. Polymer battery, high safety factor, automatic power-off protection.

Current activities: free lettering, design signatures, free production of photos! Only black ice, blue ice, color ice.

The new arc lighter - limited to 500!

Remember: a good man with a point is necessary!

--- 180 days free warranty, life-long maintenance, quality problems, we 包邮 Returns Oh pro ---