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AVP302-FSD3A where the sale of the positioner Shanghai Yamatake special spot

AVP302-FSD3A where the sale of the positioner Shanghai Yamatake special spot
  • AVP302-FSD3A where the sale of the positioner Shanghai Yamatake special spot
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Yamatake AVP100 series intelligent electric / pneumatic valve positioner AVP3000Alphaplus is technically intelligent microprocessor-based electrical / pneumatic valve opening degree of acceptance given AVP3000Alphaplus DC signal transmission controller controls the valve. In addition to this function, AVP3000Alphaplus with a Field Communicator , automatic configuration, self-diagnostic function, which greatly improve the production efficiency of the plant. ▄ █▌ ← ↓ ↓ →
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The locator is explosion-proof or intrinsically safe, intelligent positioner with HART communication protocol. Applicable to single-acting, double-acting and straight stroke, rotary valve. When the time for double acting actuator, with optional double action amplifier ()
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Item Specifications ┣▇▇▇═─
1) Applicable actuator: single / double-acting linear actuators; rotary actuators
2) forms of protection: FM Intrinsically Safe Certification; NEPSI Intrinsically Safe Certification
3) Input signal: 4 ~ 20mADC (can be set arbitrarily split range: a minimum range of only 4mA)
4) Output Impedance: 300Ωmax / 20mADC
5) Flow Characteristics: Linear; equal percentage; fast start; custom properties (the largest segment can be set 15 fold)
6) Stem travel range: lever rotation angle ± 4 ° ~ ± 20 °
7) Manual operation: via A / M switch conduct
8) supply pressure: 140Kpa ~ 700Kpa
9) Air consumption: 4l / min (N) for the following: air pressure 140Kpa (1.4kgf / cm2) when; output steady state at 50%; 5l / min (N) for the following: air pressure 280Kpa (2.8kgf / ) When cm2; output steady state at 50%; 6l / min (N) for the following: air pressure 500Kpa (5.0kgf / cm2) when; output steady state at 50%; 10l / min (N) of the following: Double-acting ; air pressure 400Kpa; 50% of steady state output
10) gas supply pipe fitting: 1 / 4NPT internal thread
11) Electrical pipe fittings: 1 / 2NPT internal thread; NEPSI Intrinsically Safe 1 / 2NPT internal thread; FM Intrinsically Safe 1 / 2NPT internal thread
12) Maximum process air capacity: 110l / min (N) above the supply pressure 140Kpa, 250l / min (N) more than double acting gas pressure when 400Kpa
13) Instrument Using gas source specification: solid particles with a diameter less than the maximum allowable 3μm; oil must not contain oil; mist below ambient temperature 10 ℃
14) Output equilibrium pressure: 55 ± 5% (at no load, the output pressure balance)
15) Lightning Performance: maximum voltage 12KV; Maximum current 1000A
16) the ambient temperature range (-40 ~ 80 ℃): Normal; FM Intrinsically Safe; NEPSI this whole
17) Humidity range: 10 ~ 90RH
18) setting tool: SFC160 or SFC260 (SFC Smart Field Communicator software version 7.5 and above)
19) Model: AVP100-P; AVP100-M; AVP100-H; AVP102 ▄︻┻┳═ a