servo motor

servo motor

Product description:

Universal MSMD012P1U + MADDT1205▓ (Panasonic servo motor Shanghai agent stock servo repair!)
1, Panasonic A4 series servo motors commonly used models:
100W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD012P1U + MADDT1205
Pulse type MSMD012P1U + MADDT1205003
With brake MSMD012P1V + MADDT1205
Pulse type MSMD012P1V + MADDT1205003
100W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD012P1U + MADDT1205
Pulse type MHMD012P1U + MADDT1205003
With brake MHMD012P1V + MADDT1205
Pulse type MHMD012P1V + MADDT1205003

200W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD022P1U + MADDT1207
Pulse type MSMD022P1U + MADDT1207003
With brake MSMD022P1V + MADDT1207
Pulse type MSMD022P1V + MADDT1207003
200W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD022P1U + MADDT1207
Pulse type MHMD022P1U + MADDT1207003
With brake MHMD022P1V + MADDT1207
Pulse type MHMD022P1V + MADDT1207003

400W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD042P1U + MBDDT2210
Pulse type MSMD042P1U + MBDDT2210003
With brake MSMD042P1V + MBDDT2210
Pulse type MSMD042P1V + MBDDT2210003
400W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD042P1U + MBDDT2210
Pulse type MHMD042P1U + MBDDT2210003
With brake MHMD042P1V + MBDDT2210
Pulse type MHMD042P1V + MBDDT2210003

750W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD082P1U + MCDDT3520
Pulse type MSMD082P1U + MCDDT3520003
With brake MSMD082P1V + MCDDT3520
Pulse type MSMD082P1V + MCDDT3520003
750W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD082P1U + MCDDT3520
Pulse type MHMD082P1U + MCDDT3520003
With brake MHMD082P1V + MCDDT3520
Pulse type MHMD082P1V + MCDDT3520003

2, Panasonic A5 series servo motors commonly used alternative models corresponding to A4
100W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD012G1U + MADHT1505
Pulse type MSMD012G1U + MADHT1505E
With brake MSMD012G1V + MADHT1505
Pulse type MSMD012G1V + MADHT1505E
100W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD012G1U + MADHT1505
Pulse type MHMD012G1U + MADHT1505E
With brake MHMD012G1V + MADHT1505
Pulse type MHMD012G1V + MADHT1505E

200W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD022G1U + MADHT1507
Pulse type MSMD022G1U + MADHT1507E
With brake MSMD022G1V + MADHT1507
Pulse type MSMD022G1V + MADHT1507E
200W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD022G1U + MADHT1507
Pulse type MHMD022G1U + MADHT1507E
With brake MHMD022G1V + MADHT1507
Pulse type MHMD022G1V + MADHT1507E

400W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD042G1U + MBDHT2510
Pulse type MSMD042G1U + MBDHT2510E
With brake MSMD042G1V + MBDHT2510
Pulse type MSMD042G1V + MBDHT2510E
400W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD042G1U + MBDHT2510
Pulse type MHMD042G1U + MBDHT2510E
With brake MHMD042G1V + MBDHT2510
Pulse type MHMD042G1V + MBDHT2510E

750W (small inertia):
Universal MSMD082G1U + MCDHT3520
Pulse type MSMD082G1U + MCDHT3520E
With brake MSMD082G1V + MCDHT3520
Pulse type MSMD082G1V + MCDHT3520E
750W (large troubled quantity):
Universal MHMD082G1U + MCDHT3520
Pulse type MHMD082G1U + MCDHT3520E
With brake MHMD082G1V + MCDHT3520
Pulse type MHMD082G1V + MCDHT3520E

Panasonic A5 series Panasonic servo motor inertia
Universal MDME102GCG + MDDHT3530
Pulse type MDME102GCG + MDDHT3530E
Universal MDME152GCG + MDDHT5540
Pulse type MDME152GCG + MDDHT5540E
Universal MDME202GCG + MDDHT7364
Pulse type MDME202GCG + MDDHT7364E

4, Panasonic servo motor with large inertia
Universal MHME102GCG + MDDHT3530
Pulse type MHME102GCG + MDDHT3530E
Universal MHME152GCG + MDDHT5540
Pulse type MHME152GCG + MDDHT5540E
Universal MHME202GCG + MDDHT7364
Pulse type MHME202GCG + MDDHT7364E

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