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MR-J3-20B spot where the MR-J3-20B Mitsubishi servo drive

MR-J3-20B spot where the MR-J3-20B Mitsubishi servo drive
  • MR-J3-20B spot where the MR-J3-20B Mitsubishi servo drive
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Rated voltage: 220-380V (V) Power: 0.05-7.5KW (KW) Model: MR-J3-20B
Applicable motor: Mitsubishi servo motor Brand: Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi Product Certification: CE
Custom processing: Speed ​​response frequency: 550-900 (KHz)

MR-J3-20B spot where the MR-J3-20B Mitsubishi servo drive

Mitsubishi MR-J3 series servo drives new original Shanghai stock
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MR-J3 series: Mitsubishi general-purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J3 series is on MR-J2S series

Based on the development of the servo system with higher performance and higher functions, the control mode with position control

System, speed control and torque control, and switching between them control for selected candidates.

• The servo amplifier wide range of applications, not only can be used for machine tools and general industrial machinery, etc.

Requires high-precision position control and smooth speed control applications, it can also be used for linear control and tension control

System fields.
• The product has a USB and RS-422 serial communication function, by installing a servo configuration software

Personal computer will be able to set parameters, commissioning, status display monitor and gain adjustment operation.

The product has a high level of self-tuning capabilities, and advanced vibration suppression control function.
• with the MR-J3 series matching high-performance servo motor encoder with a resolution of 262144 pulses /

Revolution absolute position encoder; speed loop frequency response up to 900HZ; has high speed / high torque

Feature, so the ratio MR-J2S series has the ability to control more accurate.
• adapt to different kinds of series servo motor control requirements, the encoder on the motor are supported by ABS mode

As long as the additional battery in the servo amplifier, can constitute an absolute position system.
• more powerful servo configuration software MR-configurator more convenient to use, with precise

Mechanical analysis.
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