Ho with P Nair W5 smart phone children watch mobile phone WIFI quad-positioning card waterproof micro chat

 Ho with P Nair W5 smart phone children watch mobile phone WIFI quad-positioning card waterproof micro chat

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ployer / P Nair
  • Model: W5
  • Color Classification: T6 four Relocation Relocation blue yellow T6 T6 four quadruple geopositioning pink [ho with quadruple WIFI Positioning] pink LED screen card security Beicha [ho with quadruple WIFI Positioning] green LED screen card security Beicha
  • Screen Resolution: 240x240 pixels
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Case material: Plastic
  • Strap Material: Rubber
  • Shape of the dial: Square
  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID Blackberry MIUI iOS Baidu cloud OS, Alibaba Cloud OS
  • Function: Smart remind social entertainment sleep monitoring pedometer waterproof

Applicable Age:

Applicable age: Children 1-10 years of age and 65 years of age need special care for the elderly

The main function:Independent inserted SIM card is a two-way conversation] [a key free micro-chat] [WIFI + GPS + base + GLB ultra-precise positioning] [a key to silent monitoring] [life waterproof] [electronic security fence alarm] [Bluetooth anti-lost] [SOS a key help] [] [historical trajectory queries anti-collision warning off alarm] [] [] [school phone whitelist disable the remote alarm limit] [] [] [remote shutdown movement pedometer] [PSG], etc.

Operator Support: Unicom mobile 2.3.4G

stand by: Apple system Andrews. Andrews and other systems such as adaptation of millet, Huawei and so the full support

branded advantages: The four - relocation W5 is more accurate, low-cost peer-table position error large cottage 200 meters at least 50 meters, and colleagues without 3C certification, without any digital 3C products are cottage, your phone PC TV appliances are there 3C certification, as food production license food in general -

No battery 3C quality certification of products. Radiation. Can not guarantee security, please purchase through China Quality Certification Center of the brand Oh

service advantage: Lynx product support seven days no reason to return. Genius three-year replacement new year. Fulfill the warranty obligations in accordance with national three

▲ Picture description:

Shanghai subway begging find missing children cases, children beaten roadside southwest psychiatric case, and so now can by positioning and technological means to avoid collision warning lights

Picture Brief: After P Nair smart watch, children trafficked case simulation process.

▲ do not worry about being human traffickers take off watches, human trafficking is generally low IQ, the watch is unable to shut down their own, can be turned off by parental control, and after the watch has been picked, there are off alarm notifications to your mobile phone -

▲ This scenario simulation method commonly abducted children cases, once the parents watch beyond the setting range will be sent to parents mobile phone alarm notification, and then the parents monitor kids location, remote monitoring, found not call the police!!! And then out of the city as people trafficking when exterminate it!

▲ Parents can give children watch is set to a maximum of 24 incoming calls 13 outgoing calls can be without all the set can not dial the phone.

▲ a key to monitor ambient sound, one-way access, monitor when children watch will not have any reaction.

▲ real-time voice intercom, this feature is free of charge, through the completion of traffic, similar to the micro-letter!

▲ SOS button for help, as they think the child is imminent emergency, press SOS three seconds, the watch will be broadcast based on 123 parents established the SOS emergency call number until dial up!!

Parents can see the child connect the call location and the surrounding environmental conditions at this watch is amplified state, if people generally catch scare ....

▲ 20 minutes Fast charging using your any handset charger to give him full power in 20 minutes! More than 3 days standby!

▲ Watch with thermal and gravity sensing, thermal aging is sending been taken off the watch, there will be a collision Collision Warning! Such notification will be issued to parents on the phone!