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Comi MF-850 network color fingerprint attendance access control one machine MF850D access control attendance

Comi MF-850 network color fingerprint attendance access control one machine MF850D access control attendance
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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: COMET / Division secret
  • Kemi Model: MF-850
  • Attendance Type: Fingerprint
  • Color classification: brush ID card MF850D brush IC card MF850C
  • Access control mode: fingerprint
  • After - sales service: Genius

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Corresponding to the use of cards (one is the key ring card, one is the ID card, can be used)

Baby introduction

Kemi MF-850Network color screen access control one machine

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product description

Fingerprint access control machine at the same time with access control and attendance functions, can provide enterprises with safe access control and convenient attendance management.Fingerprint access control system by the fingerprint access control (hereinafter referred to as access control machine) , Electric lock controller, electric lock, door, alarm, door button, doorbell, access control power supply, computer and access control management software.The access control is mainly responsible for the registration of user information and daily identification of identification, When the company as a access control and attendance at the same time, the staff only need to carry out verification or attendance can be. Access control system is mainly used to control the use of the key to the use of the key, In the equipment of the parameter settings, data backup, download access records, and in accordance with the administrator set the attendance rules for statistical processing, generate a variety of attendance statistics reports, as well as access control access. In order to achieve access control, attendance functions as one product . Access control machine can be run off-line alone, no need to connect access control software, when not connected to access control software will not be able to use the user validity and real-time monitoring function. Access control and access control software communication connection: RS485with TCP / IP Network communication.

Product Features:

1) Security: fingerprint invariance and uniqueness of the decision is the most reliable fingerprint identification, so the use of fingerprint open the door is undoubtedly a very high security. MF-850 fingerprint access control machine with professional access control functions, and professional Of the access control interface; alarm with a powerful anti-tamper alarm, overtime to open the door alarm, forced open the door alarm, input alarm, stress alarm and so on.

2) High stability: The system can work independently, good stability, high reliability, even in the case of power failure, it will not affect the normal access of personnel.

3) Scientific management: the system sub-administrators and administrators and users of the three different identity, they were granted different permissions.Using professional access control software can achieve access control, real-time access control and attendance functions and other professional functions. Attendance + access control, or only attendance does not output access control signal.

4) Scalability: MF-850 fingerprint access control machine can work offline, but also through the 485 and TCP / IP communication to achieve multi-machine network management; with fingerprints, passwords, proximity cards and other combinations of multi-mode recognition function, Card function can be easily replaced between ID card and IC card.

5) The appearance of new: new mold design, the appearance of fashion novel, unique keyboard to open the door design, color display, more beautiful;

6) Compatibility: Compatible with MF10 heads can be used to achieve in and out of the two-way fingerprint control. Has a unique read head adaptive function, compatible with other brands of standard Wiegand read head.

Technical Parameters:



MF-850Network color screen access control one machine

System capacity

1500Fingerprints , 60,000 records

Fingerprint Collector

High hardness optical fingerprint collector

Ways of identifying

Fingerprint - Password - Card, Fingerprint + Password, Card + Fingerprint, Card + Password, Card + Fingerprint + Password

Weigand interface

Supports standard 26/34 input and output

Main processing board

SmartKM Dual-core low-power architecture, industrial HSA8.0 identification algorithm


Access control function

50 time periods, 30 groups, 3A120VAC / 28V Relay contact current

Alarm function

Tamper alarm, overtime to open the door alarm, forced open the door alarm, the external input point alarm, Tamper alarm, threatened alarm, Fire linkage

Networking mode

Direct TCP / IP or RS485

Other input

A set of door and open button signal input

Display, voice and keyboard

2.4 TFT Color LCD display , Chinese Simplified, Traditional, English Multi-language voice prompts, 20Touch the button

Self-test Name display

Chinese and English long name display

Power supply parameters

12V DC, Electrostatic working current 150MA , Operating current 250MA

Use the environment


0~ + 45 ℃


humidity20%~ 60%

Expansion module

ID / IC / HID card

Recognition rate (FAR)


Reaction time

≤ 1 second

Way of working

Offline / even machine

Match the way

1: N/1: 1

Rejection rate (FRR)



185 X 80 X 35


Support real-time monitoring access control software, fingerprint reader software and attendance software

MF850 color sensor card fingerprint access control machine
1, high-definition color screen LCD display, a unique keyboard to open the door design.
2, a professional access to the time zone function, access control functions, and a professional access control interface.
3, support multi-user identification function, by the user between the two users and 5 users free to set.
4, support a variety of identification test: fingerprint, card, password, fingerprint + password, card + password, card + fingerprint, card + fingerprint + password.
5, the user set the validity period, each user can set a valid period, when the user expires beyond the validity period after the user automatically fails.
6, to support a variety of alarm events: stress alarm, illegal open the door alarm, overtime to open the door alarm, fire alarm.
7, standard Wiegand 26/34 interface output.
8, the unique read head adaptive function, and when my company's MF10 access control network when used to automatically enter and exit the two-way fingerprint control, fingerprint registration only need to register on the host, no need to read on the head.
9, F1 ~ F4 function keys can be customized.
10, professional access control software can achieve real-time monitoring and remote control and other professional access control functions, and can also achieve attendance functions.
11, through 485 or TCP / IP to achieve multiple network control.
12, support ID card and IC card (optional) to read.
13, the installation of the standard installation of 86 holes, so that the installation is more simple and convenient, but also has a simple waterproof design.

Communication distance Description: RS232: 15M
RS485: 1200M

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