Disposable plastic color plate 9 inch -PP plastic cutlery, plastic food dish

Disposable plastic color plate 9 inch -PP plastic cutlery, plastic food dish

Product description:

Custom processing It is Plastic varieties PP Delivery type customizable
Body Diameter 225 (mm) caliber 225 (mm) model HX-43
Colour According to buyers demand use Generic packaging, food packaging, other Bottom diameter 180mm
high 22mm

(Factory direct) Disposable colored plastic plate

Product Name Colored disposable plastic cutlery, dinner plates
Brand HengXiang
place of origin Zhejiang Wuyi
Material PP
specification 6inch, 7inch, 8inch, 8.5inch, 9inch, 10.25inch
use Food tray, fruit dishes, dinner plates
Colour Buyers can choose
Packing 125 / bag 4 bag / box 500 / box
Applications Festival / advertising promotions / business gifts / housewarming / birthday / wedding / awards Memorial / Trade

Anniversary / Opening Ceremony employee benefits / PR planning / friends dinner / New Year

Order Types customizable
package Carton

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