T2001 Long-chain Linear Alkyl Benzenesulfonic Acid

T2001 Long-chain Linear Alkyl Benzenesulfonic Acid

Product description:

T2001 is a lubricant additive intermediate prepared from long-chain linear alpha-olefin (C20-24) . It is the raw material of high-quality sulphonates for preparation of high quality engine oil.

Special features
• High sulfonic acid content: ≥85%
• Molecular weight () : ≥480
• Free acid and low water content
• Substituent: long chain (C20-24) linear structure
• Major composition: monoalkyl benzenesulfonic acid, ≥85%

Apply to various premium sulphonates for production of lubricants:
Low base, medium base and high base long-chain linear alkyl calcium sulfonate;
Overbased long-chain linear alkyl benzenemagnesium sulfonate;
Overbased long-chain linear sodium alkyl benzenesulfonate;
The sulphonate dertergents prepared from this product possess excellent thermal stability, oil solubility, detergency, hydraulic stability and defoaming property, except for the differed acid neutralizing abilities for various products.

Test method
Density, kg/ m3, at 20oC
900.0 ~ 990.0
ASTM D1298
Sulfonic acid content, mass%
85.0 ~ 90.0
Q/ JTH011, Affix A
Acid number, mgKOH/ g
100.0 ~ 115.0
Free acid (in H2SO4) , mass%
≤ 0.5
Q/ JTH 011, Affix A
The enterprise standard Q/ JTH 011-2009

Points for Attention
It is packed in 200 litre metal drums. Store in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses. For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.