Supply Yunnan bi-directional carbon fiber cloth

Supply Yunnan bi-directional carbon fiber cloth

Product description:

Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are made of carbon fiber materials through a process with a specific resin material compound but, the mechanical characteristics are stress-strain completely linear-elastic and plastic zone at the yield point or does not exist. Carbon fiber material with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Of concrete members strengthened with carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber filament warp-knitted fabric is made of soft sheet. Carbon fabric when woven, plenty of carbon filament along a main direction is tiled, with very few non-principal direction of carbon with carbon weave is available in the main direction, forming very thin carbon fiber cloth of fiber orientation. Tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth standard value should be greater than 3000Mpa, modulus of elasticity greater than 2.1*l05MPa. Physics of the integrated materials, analyses of mechanical characteristics, in order to maximize material advantages, suitable c concrete surface of broken, damaged and carbonized parts clean, compact structure parts. Check that exposed steel bars have corroded, and the necessary treatment. After picking, and incomplete cleanup, and the reinforcement of component parts for repair recovery

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