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CFRP reinforced concrete structure technology

CFRP reinforced concrete structure repair technology is a high-performance carbon fibers in a tree-like material adhered to the member refers to surface structures, the formation of advanced composite materials, work with the existing structural member, thereby improving the reinforcement and mechanical behavior of structural members The new special technology. Strengthened by CFRP construction method is currently in Japan, the United States and Europe and other developed countries for reinforced concrete structures of bridges, tunnels, buildings and other reinforcement of advanced engineering methods, in China has also been widely used.

CFRP reinforced concrete structure of the key technologies: (1) must be allowed sufficient epoxy resin impregnated carbon fiber material; to every detail to the micron level of the carbon fiber yarns are bonded together; so that common under stress; (2) must be made of carbon fiber Construction of composite structure and the existing bonds between the real prison, the formation of new structural components to withstand stress.

CFRP reinforced concrete structure of the main materials: (1) CFRP; (2) supporting CFRP resin.

CFRP reinforcement technology advantages

1, light weight; small thickness; substantially increased without increasing the thickness of the substrate after the reinforcement;

2, good flexibility; for beam; various shapes of pipes and walls and other components; column; board;

3, acid; alkali; chemical etching; for a variety of harsh environments;

4, the construction is convenient, short construction period;

5, pollution-free, in line with environmental protection requirements;

6, long storage life, long operational period.

CFRP reinforced application

1, concrete beam flexural and shear reinforcement; plate flexural reinforcement; seismic strengthening columns and the like;

2, plant; buildings; premises; hospitals and other industrial and civil construction reinforcement;

3, road and bridge, water, nuclear power and energy infrastructure reinforcement.