Supply 12k a CFRP

Supply 12k a CFRP

Product description:

CFRP reinforced construction process

Unloading → substrate coated with primer treatment → → leveling → Paste → protection.

(1) Before unloading Hejia solid as possible to deal with the reinforcement member unloading.
(2) a substrate processing concrete surface spalling, hollowing, cellular, and corrosion deterioration phenomena site should be chiseled, for a larger area of ​​low-grade layer, in addition to cutting after you apply epoxy mortar repair. Cracks parts should be first be closed processing concrete angle, sandpaper and other equipment to remove the concrete surface laitance, oil and other impurities, the concrete surface of the base member to be polished smooth, especially convex parts of the surface to be polished, to be chamfered corner pasting processed and polished into a circular (R≥30mm). The concrete surface with a hair dryer clean and dry.
(3) by the end of plastic coated main agent: curing agent = 2 (or other ratios) will be the main agent and curing agent has placed in the container, with a spring balance metering, electric mixer uniform mixing, the temperature according to the actual amount of the decision and strictly control the use of next time runs out generally within 1h. primer with a roller brush evenly brushing the concrete surface, to be cured rubber (curing time depending on the scene and set the temperature to touch dry date) then a process of construction. Usually curing time is 2 ~ 3d.
(4) leveling concrete surface depression filled parts of the application, the template joints and other parts of the height difference appears to be filled to minimize the height difference. The corner should also be processed into a smooth arc, radius of not less than 30mm.
(. 5) Paste CFRP according to size and design requirements of cutting layers of CFRP, unless special requirements, fiber cloth length should normally be. Deployment within 3m, the stirring surface glue (using the same method with the primer), then spread evenly to be pasted the site, in the lap, to be more concrete corner brushing some of the other parts. Paste CFRP, in determining the correct parts stripped of release paper pasted repeatedly rolled with a special roller along the fiber direction, remove air bubbles , and glue full fiber cloth impregnated multilayer paste should repeat the above steps until the surface of the fiber cloth touch dry before the next layer of paste. At the end of the surface layer of CFRP surface glue evenly. fiber cloth along the fiber lap length direction of not less than 100mm, fabric ends by lateral fiber cloth or stick steel fixed.
(6) protection. Fiber cloth surface reinforcement should be taken after plastering or spray fire retardant coating for protection.

4 CFRP construction safety and precautions

1, CFRP is conductive materials, construction of carbon fiber sheets should be away from electrical equipment, and power, or taking reliable protective measures.

2, the construction process should avoid bending CFRP.

3, CFRP supporting resin should be stored away from ignition sources, avoid direct sunlight.

4, the resin formulation and use of premises, should maintain good communication.

5, site construction labor should take appropriate protective measures.

5 shaped unidirectional CFRP reinforced Applications

Bending concrete beams, shear reinforced; plate by bending reinforcement; seismic reinforcement of the column.

Roads, bridges, factories, buildings, school buildings, hospitals, water, nuclear power, energy and other industrial and civil construction reinforcement.

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