Red and white color factory direct disposable plastic cup pp cup tasting cup, can be printed logo

Red and white color factory direct disposable plastic cup pp cup tasting cup, can be printed logo

Product description:

Custom processing It is Plastic varieties PP Delivery type customizable
Is there a cover No cover Body Diameter 50 (mm) capacity 55 (ml)
Wall thickness 1.7 (mm) caliber 50 (mm) Colour Red and white
use Generic packaging, jelly cups, tea cups, food packaging, other

(Factory direct supply) red and white disposable plastic cups

Main: production and sales of PS, PP, PVC transparent, white, colored beads, color cup (box), plastic products and a variety of cold drinks cups factory.
Company equipment: Production unit, multi-layer co-extruded sheet unit, thermoforming machine, crimping machine and color printing and other production lines, strong technical force, advanced equipment Sanqian annual output value of more than one million.
The company has: yogurt cup, ice cream cup, pearl milk tea cup, milk cups, catering cup, aviation cup, plum blossom cup, cup orientation, welcoming cup, cup and torch rectangular, square, oval ice cream boxes 'HengXiang' series product.
The company has: a scientific skilled management and technical team, from product development, design, mold manufacturing, production, quality control, marketing and management of one-stop quality strictly, "Hengxing" brand in mainland China and Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions, has good reputation and high visibility.

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