Supply Yunnan Toray CFRP 12k

Supply Yunnan Toray CFRP 12k

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Carbon fiber (Carbon Fiber) is a fibrous carbon material, having high strength and high modulus of elasticity characteristics. Depending on the raw materials and production methods, mainly divided into PAN-based carbon fiber and pitch-based carbon fiber. The former is the polyacrylonitrile fiber fiber high-temperature heating in the inert gas obtained is a high strength carbon fibers. The latter is the coal tar or petroleum pitch after spinning fibers at high temperature sintering, which is a type of high elastic modulus carbon fiber. Carbon fiber polymer (CFRP) components are carbon fiber, resin matrix composite sheet unidirectionally aligned carbon fibers formed by a certain molding method. It has a high-strength lightweight, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, stable physical properties extremely superior quality. High tensile strength carbon fiber polymer can reach 3400MPa, 7 ~ 10 times higher than steel, elastic modulus 2.3 * 105MPa to 3.9 * 105MPa several, and commonly used carbon fiber polymer sheet per only a few hundred square meters grams of weight. At the same time, according to the natural and accelerated exposure tests showed that the tensile strength of carbon fiber and polymer concrete bonding strength does not change in the equivalent of 50 years, with sufficient weather resistance, and fatigue properties of carbon fiber polymer material superior to steel and concrete

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