Aviation carbon fiber

Aviation carbon fiber

Product description:

China's first aircraft made of carbon fiber light aircraft will participate in Zhuhai Airshow

Xinhua Zhuhai (Reporter Wei Meng)

China's first carbon fiber manufacturing material of two light aircraft off the assembly line on the 14th at Zhuhai was named Gull of this two light sport aircraft have complete independent intellectual property rights, will participate in the 16th opening of the 8th Air China exhibition, and for static display at the air show.

Reporters at the Zhuhai Airport is located opposite a small square to see this captain 5.955 m, 1.987 m high, 8.464 m wingspan light sport aircraft, due to the empty weight only 280 kg, on the ground, you can rely on manpower driven. This aircraft prepared priced 70-800000 yuan.

It is understood that the aircraft jointly developed by Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Zhuhai strong grace Glass Co., Ltd. to reports. Gull light sport aircraft solitary two-seater; 90% of aircraft structures made of composite materials; mainly carbon fiber, glass fiber, epoxy resin, sandwich material and other manufacturing molding.

At present, the China Civil Aviation Authority has accepted the Black-headed Gull SOUTH (General Administration of Civil Aviation of China Type Design ratification) is applying for a job in the formal get before birth certificate. Gull will make static display at the 8th China Airshow.

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