Supply 3K bi-directional plain weave CFRP

Supply 3K bi-directional plain weave CFRP

Product description:

Brand Shaped Albert Place of origin Beijing
Shelf life 2 years Exterior black
Solids content (%) 100 Brushing area per kg (twice) (m) 2
Dry time (hours) 2 Washability (times) 50000
Tensile strength (Mpa) 3000 Elongation at break (%) 1.5
Film material properties organic Paint color Transparent
Liquid type Reactive Features decoration

Carbon fiber automotive industry

Carbon fiber woven into CFRP, maintain ultra-light, soft, pull-resistant features, can also be turned into a hard body from the paper as soft to steely tough qualitative change process, is in the mold according to the fiber direction staggered stacked carbon fiber cloth, epoxy adhesive bonding layer by layer, according to the application site, we need to 5-10 layers or more CFRP, bonded into high-strength carbon fiber components.

Carbon fiber products by dipping the finished blank, molding, assembly, after burrs, grinding, polishing and a series of processes, the production of carbon fibers into a variety of accessories which cost CFRP big step, not mass production, so prices are generally carbon fiber products your side.

Carbon fiber is a superior mechanical properties of new materials, 1/4, tensile strength carbon fiber resin composite material is less than the proportion of its steel in 3500Mpa more generally, it is 7-9 times stronger than steel, tensile modulus of elasticity of 23,000 ~ 43000Mpa also higher than steel, but carbon fiber materials only exhibit high strength along the fiber axis direction, but poor impact resistance, easy to damage, so when manufacturing becomes structural components, often using their pull-resistant lightweight do bear part of the advantage to avoid side impact. He has a density of 1750 kg / cubic meter, it is widely used in large aircraft, such as Airbus A350 and A380, Boeing 787 all use of carbon fiber composites to reduce fuel consumption. Further large wind turbine blades, car, high-end bicycle body are carbon fiber composite material of carbon fiber products and plastic almost solid feel, there is generally the strength and toughness of steel, not only to lose weight, but also because of its characteristics become expensive luxury symbol. In Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani as the representative of the Italian supercar surely we are very familiar with, in order to pursue lightweight, almost regardless of the cost due to the manufacturing process, so that large-scale application of carbon fiber in the car components, vehicle and even the use of carbon fiber materials. Each bundle of carbon fibers made from thousands of tiny carbon fiber yarns composed of a diameter of about 5-8 microns. At the atomic level of carbon graphite fiber with very similar, is composed of a layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern constituted. the difference is that Quick layers between graphite crystal structure, between which a layer of loose coupling, and the crystal structure of the carbon fibers are not, interlayer coupling is irregular.

In F1 Formula One racing, the major team attaches great importance to the application of carbon fiber technology, the whole car carbon fiber is not new technology, in addition to the power system, the remaining components can use carbon fiber to achieve. Since the carbon fiber intensity on the F1, Representative cases of the following two:

1 racing history of the most distraught Senna also regrettable accident, due to the tough carbon fiber components (one that is axle) pierced Senna's helmet led to his death on the spot.

2 precise calculation and processing of monocoque body, able to meet the technical requirements of F1 racing under extreme deformation of the collision, in 2007 Canadian Grand Prix Kubica's car at more than 300km / h speed hit the protective wall, car bounced into the air falling roll the other end of the track, the car basically crushed, but the cockpit remained intact, the car Kubica postmortem just sprained his ankle, did not even delay the next game.

2007 Kubica Cry a hit

In the civil automotive sector, Mercedes-Benz tries to apply carbon fiber material as the crumple zone first in the SLR McLaren has been applied. Showed a minaret-like carbon fiber crumple column, by the numerous root thick carbon fibers through the woven, although the structure is still very hard, But in the design to allow it to break during a frontal collision into numerous tiny pieces, to absorb a lot of energy, and the debris will not harm people, it is very similar to a car broken glass works. BMW has begun to try the whole carbon body in a small car application. Currently the carbon fiber material in the civilian, especially mid-range product applications are very wide, many manufacturers have begun to offer gadget carbon fiber material, such as rear-view mirror housing, interior door panels, door handles, shift lever, racing seats, air kits, while the original bit installation to the engine compartment bellows, intake manifolds carbon fiber modification parts is variety.

Therefore, the carbon fiber material used in the automotive sector are increasingly being used more and more, I believe that in the near future, more and more car emissions 'low carbon', and the car itself will be more and more 'high-carbon', just opposite metal materials recyclable, repairable, the carbon fiber products are disposable products, high prices it currently only application is not yet universal.

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