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Supply 200 grams Toray CFRP

Supply 200 grams Toray CFRP
  • Supply 200 grams Toray CFRP
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The manufacture of large aircraft will promote the rapid development of China's carbon fiber industry, the development of carbon fiber for the country will also contribute to a large aircraft manufacturing, and promote China's chemical fiber industry rationalization. Last year, China formally launched a major aircraft manufacturing program, which is an exciting people of good news, the dream will be realized for several decades, people suffer greatly encouraged. Now, the manufacture of large aircraft can not be separated carbon fiber, China's chemical fiber industry 'Eleventh? Five development plan has been to encourage the development of carbon fiber as The first high-tech fibers. This article comes from the textile resources, please direct users directly enter the Textile Resource view in the browser.
1 large aircraft manufacturing project started again
China's aviation career over 50 years of history, its industrial scale after the United States and Russia. Manufacture of large aircraft is the dream of 40 years, because it is a measure of a country's technological level, one important indicator of industrial level and overall national strength, From the beginning of the first generation of leaders had aspirations manufacture large aircraft Chairman Mao Zedong once said: We are a big country, the world's some things that we can not have everything, but the important things, such as aircraft and automobiles, We must have 'in August 1970, China's first large aircraft project' luck ten 'officially launched in September 1982 and the first fly overhead, only started two years later than in Europe, unfortunately, we ran aground after , did not continue to develop until February 9, 2006, the State Council promulgated the "National long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006 to 2020), a large aircraft is determined to be 'the next 15 years and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the 16 major scientific and technological special 'one. February 2007, the State Council agreed in principle that large aircraft project, and approved in 2020 started manufacturing large aircraft program. In December, when Premier Wen Jiabao visited in Xi'an, once again expressed China's development determination of large aircraft: countries have announced, and that is we need to do (large aircraft), and must succeed! '.
Large aircraft refers to the takeoff weight more than 100 tons of transport category aircraft, including military and civilian large transport aircraft, including more than 150 mainline aircraft Large aircraft manufacturing process is complex, involving many industry categories, the international market has been Boeing trunk aircraft, Airbus dominated by two companies. Our plan to restart the large aircraft manufacturers, is based on many years of basic science research in advance and comprehensive national strength and machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemicals, materials, energy, information and computer the development of industry and high-tech, but also that we already have accumulated experience, economic strength and technological base, especially 'shipped ten' and the ARJ21 regional jet manufacturing success as the country laid the foundation for the development of large aircraft, we made large aircraft The schedule must take to the skies.

2, the carbon fiber used in aerospace
Carbon fiber is a special fiber mainly composed of carbon, the carbon content varies with species, generally more than 90% of which is composed of organic precursor fibers (viscose; asphalt; the higher the carbon content of polyacrylonitrile ; does not melt during the heat treatment of chemical fibers) by pre-oxidation, carbonization and graphitization process it made its main purpose is resin, metal, ceramic, cement and other matrix composite, made of carbon fiber-reinforced resin structural material matrix composites. material (CFRP) as a typical representative, its specific strength and modulus of the material properties of the existing structure is the highest.
Carbon fiber began in the 1860s, in the 1950s and 1960s industrialization, it is to be the aerospace industry and high-strength lightweight ablative materials urgent need for developed. Currently, there are rayon, pitch-based and polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber (PAN) base three materials systems, rayon-based and pitch-based carbon fiber use than a single, limited production, PAN-based carbon fiber because the production process is relatively simple, excellent products and high-temperature mechanical properties, and both structural and functional properties Good , rapid development, has become a high-performance carbon fiber development and application of the most important and dominant species, is the mainstream of the current carbon fiber, and its production accounts for about 90% of the carbon fiber is mainly used in high-performance structural and functional composite materials in the aviation, defense aerospace, steel, shipbuilding and nuclear industries have an irreplaceable role, while widely used in sports and leisure goods and industrial fields, the countries in the world attaches great importance to the strategic basic materials. At present, the main products include the United States as the representative of the large tow carbon fiber (48K ~ 480K) and in Japan on behalf of small-tow carbon fiber (1K ~ 24K) two categories. Japan is not only a major producer of carbon fiber, and it is the world of high-quality supply of PAN-based carbon fibers country, monopoly of small-tow carbon fiber (standard products for the 12K / 24K) of production, about the world of carbon fiber market, Toray Company's production of small-tow carbon fiber yield and quality in the world, represents the world level in today's carbon fiber.
In 2006, the world PAN-based carbon fiber production capacity of 38,000 tons / year (including small-tow 29,200 tons / year, large-tow 08,800 tons / year), the production capacity of 27,000 tons due to a shortage, a number of manufacturers is expanding production capacity is expected in 2008 in the world's carbon fiber production capacity will reach 48,600 tons / year. Since 2005, the application of carbon fiber in the world showed great interest, especially for large civil aircraft began a large-scale use of carbon fiber composite materials, market demand and supply tight, prices rise, in 2006 but there is no market price. First Boston Credit Bank (CSFB) pointed out that the next few years, the world demand for carbon fiber will average double-digit rapid growth, the market supply shortage will continue at least By 2009, there may even be extended to 2012.
Development of large aircraft to break a number of key technologies, one of which is 'advanced composite structure design technology', which is inseparable from carbon fiber carbon fiber with its excellent performance has been widely used in the aircraft industry, the most prominent is the intensity of the main performance Large, high modulus, low specific gravity, light weight. In addition, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, high conductivity and resistance to stability and a series of excellent performance, and compatibility with other materials is high, both textiles fiber soft workability and easy to composite, design flexibility, etc. This feature carbon fiber determines that it can used in aerospace, sports and leisure, transportation, health care, civil construction and other fields.
In the aerospace sector, the use of carbon fiber high temperature, than the high strength and specific modulus higher mechanical properties as aviation, aerospace, aircraft, spacecraft and other structural materials such as aircraft primary structural material: the main wing, tail and fuselage; second. The sub-structure material: aileron, steering wheel, elevators, interior materials, flooring, brakes and blade helicopters and other exhaust cone of the rocket engine (cover; housing; combustion; nozzle; throat lining; diffuser ), booster housing and the like; fairing missile weapons, elastomer tip, nozzle, diffuser, etc; satellites load-bearing structure, thermal protection systems, solar cell substrates, complex surface antenna, connected racks ;. spaceship wing panel and the support member and other space stations and space shuttles moving lose some key components on the system are often made of carbon fiber composite material as the main material present, carbon fiber composite materials for use on small commercial aircraft and helicopters. volume accounts for 70% to 80%, in military aircraft accounted for 30% to 40%, on a large passenger aircraft accounted for 15% to 50%.
World demand for carbon fiber are growing in various application fields, especially in the rapidly growing field of aerospace pulling all growth carbon fiber. World carbon fiber use in the aerospace field, 2006 was 3,775 tons, the total amount of 15.6% is expected to increase to 5,389 tons in 2010, accounting for 16.9 per cent. of the amount of carbon fiber applications in the aerospace sector is far below the world level, 2005 was 120 tons, the total amount of 2.7% is expected in 2010 will increase to 250 tons , accounting for 4.1%.

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