Supply aramid fiber cloth

Supply aramid fiber cloth

Product description:

Aramid fiber composite reinforcement method refers to a resin impregnated aramid fiber cloth pasted member surface of the concrete, reinforcing common methods and member of the force. Extent aramid fiber cloth and concrete bonding will have a direct impact on the reinforcement effect. Kevlar Reinforced There are three basic methods, namely shear reinforcement, ductility and flexural strengthening reinforcement. shear reinforcement and ductility of reinforcement is aramid fiber cloth along the direction perpendicular to the axis of the member attached to the surface of the member, and the inner member shared shear reinforcement, improve shear capacity and ductility member, and thus play a role in strengthening flexural reinforcement, the direction parallel aramid fiber cloth along with the member axis surface attached member, reinforced with inner member shared tension, improve the flexural capacity of the entire member.

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