Supply unidirectional 300 g concrete reinforcement CFRP

Supply unidirectional 300 g concrete reinforcement CFRP

Product description:

Carbon fiber car

Carbon Witt of applications in F1

Carbon fiber frame in carbon fiber Victoria is fired into polyacrylonitrile (PAN), PAN precursor (200-300 degrees Celsius air pre-oxidation) becomes flame fiber (800-1500 degrees inert gas under) becomes carbon fiber (2000-300 of inert gas) graphite carbon fibers, the carbon up to 98%, for the layered crystal structure similar to graphite epoxy resin (EPOXY RESIN) refers to a molecule containing two or more epoxy groups in the linear organic The polymer compound .CFRP three-dimensional network polymer matrix is ​​made of crosslinked insoluble and infusible cured epoxy resin and hardener happen. In the early sixties, the Lotus team chief designer introduced Unibody in F1, carrying type body is surrounded by a sheet. This new technology to improve the robustness of the chassis of the car. In the late seventies, most commonly aluminum is used to make these bodies. However, these structures do not have enough proof to bring to bear wing downforce. John Barnard from carbon fibers tested and manufactured the first self-supporting chassis. McLaren's engineers asked the United States 'Hercules Aerospace' manufactured, because McLaren does not have enough material and knowledge to make this chassis in 1981, McLaren driver confirms this newly constructed security and superiority. John Watson won twice that season in the second and a first. Andrea De Cesaris proved many times from the season's collision of the Unibody sturdiness. F1 car is injected carbon fiber epoxy composite formation. First create a mold each part, good placement in the mold layer by layer carbon fiber, determined by calculating the number of the order and placement of carbon fiber injected ring epoxy resin, hollow autoclaving, formed after curing type.

Carbon fiber frame is made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite formed in the CFRP, the carbon fiber reinforced material called, the called matrix resin base material. By its own mechanical and chemical properties determined.

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