Disposable plastic cup 250ml | Super hard medicine Cup, mug

Disposable plastic cup 250ml | Super hard medicine Cup, mug

Product description:

Customized processing Yeah Plastic varieties PS Supply type Customizable
With cover A covered Body diameter 97 (mm) Capacity 250 (ml)
Caliber 97 (mm) Colour White Use General packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, other

Basic information:

1, name: 250ml-PS plastic cup

2, size: Aperture on aperture 78* under 97* 60mm

3 material: PS

4, packaging: 1000/box

5, cups carton dimension: 39*37*49cm (1000/box)

Flat carton dimension: 41*21*51cm (1000/box)

6, use: disposable medicine cups, mug

Important notice:

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