Supply Kunming Toray CFRP

Supply Kunming Toray CFRP

Product description:

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (carbon fibre reinforced poly-mer referred cfrp, also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastics) are made of high tensile strength epoxy adhesive made of a carbon fiber bundle using CFRP reinforcement has several advantages:. A, High strength (strength is about 10 times that of ordinary steel), good effect; b; after reinforcement can greatly increase the corrosion resistance and durability of the structure; c; light weight (about 200g / m 2 ), A substantial increase in cross-sectional size and weight of the structure; flexibility is good; easy cutting; wide range of applications; d; simple construction (no large construction organization and working materials), easy to operate; the economy is good; e; short construction period (this Projects with only one week); Therefore, the carbon fiber structural reinforcement technology has a greater effect in terms of concrete structures.

Carbon fiber reinforcement technology for a variety of structure types, structure of the various structural reinforcement repair parts, such as beams, plates, columns, roof trusses, piers, bridges, tube, shell, require grass-roots strength grade of concrete that is not less than c15 can; in addition, certain mechanical properties of brick masonry can also be used carbon fiber reinforcement.

Carbon fiber materials for the structural reinforcement has excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength steel used in construction is generally ten times; however, the carbon fiber material woven into CFRP, carbon fiber yarns each of which is difficult to fully work together, in when subjected to a lower load, the higher part of the stress level reaches its tensile strength carbon fiber yarn first and quit working conditions, and so on, each carbon fiber thread gradually break, until the overall damage. And after using an adhesive, each carbon fiber thread able to work well together, greatly improving the tensile strength of CFRP, carbon fiber reinforced it must first make CFRP the carbon fiber yarns can work together, so the adhesive for CFRP reinforcement plays a key role, it has to to work together to ensure that the carbon fiber thread, while ensuring CFRP and structure work together to achieve the purpose of strengthening.

CFRP reinforced the premise, first, abdominal rebound method for thin concrete beams to detect reference for reinforcement, according to design drawings, and site concrete, steel corrosion, consider raising the level of the bottom chord of the tensile strength of reinforcement, equivalent increasing the original tensile reinforcement area.

Construction technology CFRP reinforced

⑴ the roof truss bottom chords loose concrete corroded parts chisel off the rust with a wire brush off the steel rust layer.

Concrete Beam ⑵ supplement powder chiseled concrete beam with sj-601 anti-corrosion powder mortar fill chiseled (for a larger area of ​​the inferior layer in addition to cutting after application of epoxy mortar repair), and conservation of three days.

⑶ surface dust with compressed air cleaned [weizaobuwei (xujiaguchu) yonghunningtujiaomoji, shazhidengjijuchuquhunningtubiaomiandefujiang, youwudengzazhi, goujianjimiandehunningtuyaodamopingzheng, youqishibiaomiandetuqibuweiyaomoping], will need to stick with acetone place clean.

⑷ primer glue glue and B components jgn-p-demand by 3: 1 weight that good; in a clean container to reconcile even; scraper it evenly to the underside of the roof truss (scraping sides 150mm), After adhesive curing (curing time depending on the scene and set the temperature to touch dry subject) and then proceed to the next step of the construction Note: tuned primer must be used within a specified time, used within 40min under normal circumstances .

⑸ leveling concrete surface depressions site with repair glue (jgn-c plastic powder incorporation twice) filled, appears templates and other joints height difference apply repair glue to fill the site to minimize the height difference.

⑹ paste CFRP will jgn-c glue and B components of 3: 1 by weight, he said, placed in a clean container to reconcile even with a scraper to scrape glue evenly on the bottom gum paste CFRP required at, then The design requirements have been cut a good pasting CFRP parts in the design, then use special roller rolling back and forth along the direction of the force of CFRP, extrusion bubble. be touch dry after that may be the second track CFRP paste the same way as the first note: CFRP lap length is generally 100mm, ends by lateral Carbon Cloth.

⑺ two CFRP paste finished, refers to the pressure to be dried, and then scratch the surface rubber layer jgn-c, rolling back and forth, so that glue to fully penetrate into the CFRP go.

⑻ be touch dry rubber surface, the surface protective layer made (fireproof paint or cement mortar).

Paste CFRP structural reinforcement technology is a new reinforcement technology; has been more widely used; and have a greater economic benefit; the reinforced concrete structure; CFRP reinforced main balancing force; that CFRP The main role is to improve the tensile strength of the structural member; NA me in other configurations; and strengthening the role of CFRP can play it because CFRP tensile strength under the influence of high strength structural adhesive;? other structures After using CFRP reinforcement; super tendons section failure will like similar to reinforced concrete structural members produce the same negative impact it

Currently I am exploring (such as brickwork repair cracks in the external environment impact, the use of CFRP to improve certain mechanical properties of masonry) application CFRP reinforced brick masonry technique is CFRP structural reinforcement art new things, such as can be successful, it will also have a greater economic effect.

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