Supply of high temperature glass

Supply of high temperature glass

Product description:

The main business of the original film are: green; gray; black; blue; tea; gold 6 colors (3 ~ 15mm) series of products; 0.3-25mm clear float glass.

Deep-processing products: Building hollow glass, sound insulating glass, glass, fireplace glass, high temperature glass, LOW-E insulating glass, explosion-proof glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, fire insulating glass, safety glass, tempered glass, bending glass, hyperbolic curved tempered glass, heat-fog insulating glass, furniture, glass, laminated glass, ITO conductive glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, electronic glass, AR coated glass, picture frame glass, radiation protection lead glass, craft glass , ultra-white glass, LED glass, dimming glass, wire glass, figured glass, silver mirror and special glass.

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Heat-resistant glass (Heat-resistantglass) means a heat resistance of boric acid, silicic acid component, can withstand abrupt temperature changes in the glass. Thermal expansion coefficient (expansion due to temperature increase leads to the vitreous ratio) is relatively small, at a sharp temperature change also unbreakable having low expansion, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength series of excellent performance. Its raw material prices higher than ordinary glass manufacturing costs are high, so the heat-resistant glass sales were lower than ordinary glass, Use high heat tempered glass of high safety factor, never blew glass similar phenomenon may occur; thermal expansion coefficient, resistance to temperature changes abruptly range (≥120 ℃), heat resistant up to 400 ℃ heat-resistant glass. used for containers, bottles, beakers and other experimental.